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Can't begin to describe how amazing the release week has been for the final WILD Boys of Special Forces series: READY FOR HIS RULE. I'm floored, honored, humbled, and thrilled about the incredible feedback on the book!

John Franzen's story was literally four years in the making. Of course, I had no idea that would be the case in the beginning--Book 1, SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE, was supposed to be just the beginning of a 3-book series and that would be that--but these Special Operations men took on more life as I went, and by the time I decided to do Book 4, WET FOR HER WARRIORS, I'd decided John would play a bigger role in the series as a whole, culminating with his own larger-than-life adventure at the end.

"Larger than life" was certainly a good way to phrase it. In READY FOR HIS RULE, John doesn't just fall in love with any woman. Tracy Rhodes is the vice president of the country--who's just learned that she may very well be the president-elect now, too. The choices John takes to ensure Tracy's safety, along with the challenges Tracy must go through as well, formed the heart-wrenching conflict of the biggest WILD Boys book I've ever written.

I hope you all enjoy the book as much as I loved creating it! Please be sure to write and let me know your thoughts. It's such a joy to hear from readers.

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The crazy-OMG-are-you-kidding-me book…

SIGH, the second story in the Suited For Sin series, is the one Angel Payne book that may truly have you scratching your head. This is the story nobody expected as the follow-up for SING--and to be honest, I didn't either--until I was about two-thirds finished with that book, and the story of Mark Moore and Rose Fabian just burst to life in my head. (I was probably in the shower, too. Stories hit me hardest in the shower.)

Seriously, my reaction was a lot like everyone else's. "Mark Moore? As a freaking romance hero? But he's such a douche canoe!" Mark, as many of you know, is the father of Dasha Moore, the anxiety-ridden heroine of SING. During that book, she and her dad have become estranged, and most of the mess is his fault.

Well, I'm a huge believer in second chances--and in the belief that a lot of crappy behaviors can usually be traced to a person's pain. It occurred to me that for a man to be behaving the way Mark had, that pain had to have been significant. My mind--and my heart--went on an excavation mission, to learn more about this man...and what might have to happen to give him a truly happy-ever-after of his own.

The nucleus idea for SIGH was born.

I truly hope that you enjoy how Mark finds his happiness again--by becoming the lover and Dominant to a feisty spitfire named Rose Fabian--all set against the incredibly romantic backdrop of the Bahamas Islands. It's our winter dip into tropical island goodness--so let's indulge in the sexy fun together!!

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Ready to SING?

I'm thrilled to unveil Book 1 in the SUITED FOR SIN series: SING!

She gave the world her songs.
She gave them her surrender.

This story was informed by my own years in the music industry, working alongside some pop music greats like Natalie Cole and Anita Baker in the recording studio, then interning for an alt-rock radio station on the side! You can say I definitely had a well-rounded musical education...LOL!

I hope you enjoy my naughty twists on the rock star theme--especially because in this case, the star is a girl; woot woot!--and will dive into the other books in the Suited for Sin series, coming this February and March!

Here's the scoop on SING:

Dasha Moore commands the world’s stages as one of pop’s reigning stars, but finds her ultimate joy at the feet of David Pennington. Her charismatic career manager has become the Dominant of her body, the lover of her dreams, and the owner of her heart.

David is blown away by Dasha’s submissive streak. He can’t wait to brand her deeper with his domination, but a lunatic fan has deadlier plans for her.

Consumed with keeping Dasha safe, David gives the FBI a full-access pass for their investigation, headed by Special Agent Kress Moridian. Kress has an unnerving protective streak, soon proving David’s initial instincts true: the agent is another Dom, and his definition of “full-access” includes Dasha herself.

Being shared with Kress is a new tune for Dasha, but she finds herself loving its rougher strains—and she begs David for the perfect fit of their passion again.

While her Doms make her body sing, Dasha’s heart and soul are torn. What will happen to their union when they finally find the madman who wants her dead? Worse: what happens if they don’t find him?


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