Bolt Saga: 11

A price he paid from his soul. A love she must save with hers.
A rogue member of Team Bolt controlled by the Consortium has destroyed half the City of Angels. To save the metropolis he calls home, Reece Richards puts on the Bolt battle leathers once more and confronts the adversary he once called friend in a battle that tests much more than his superpowers—and exacts a price from his soul that might be unrecoverable.
When Reece returns home with his spirit drained, his soul exposed, and his powers out of control, Emma must see through the darkness to the man beneath the pain—and the love in which she still believes.
Desire guides Reece back to Emma, and their union helps him recharge the part of himself he thought died in the battle against evil. But what they share may not be powerful enough to stave off the clutches of the Consortium.
He may have won the battle, but the war for control over Reece takes a critical hit by a force determined to become a part of him forever.

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