Bolt Saga: 8

In the City of Light, their hearts have to blaze the brightest…
The newest Richards Resorts luxury hotel is about to open in Paris, but that’s not why Reece Richards whisks Emmalina Crist off to the iconic city weeks before the big event. Somewhere in the city, they must find the truth behind the Richards family’s ties to the Consortium—and exactly what those connections mean to Reece’s vendetta against the monsters who transformed him into an electric mutant.
Conflict collides with romance when Reece enlists help for their cause from the most unlikely of sources, triggering insecurity and fury in Emma. But even old scars are healed by the spell of the most romantic city on earth, and the lovers vow to squeeze as much passion as they can out of the small respite fate has given them…
Until the vacation is cut terrifyingly short.
Now, nothing and nobody are what they seem, and faces are just masks. The only thing the couple can trust is each other—and the invisible pulses of their hearts, binding the unstoppable power of their love.

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