Fuse: Volume 4

A storm is coming—and it’s hunting the lightning.
Reece Richards and Emmalina Crist have returned to the public eye as an engaged couple, but that doesn’t mean white roses and wedding marches are in their near future. Not only has the Richards family sustained heavy losses, but Team Bolt is reeling from numerous casualties. Reece has revealed the truth about the Consortium to the world, but that means finding and defeating the lunatics…before the storm arrives at their door. But the mission turns even more personal when an unexpected energy lights the fuse…
Burying the loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their cause would be brutal enough, but Team Bolt receives shocking news from an unexpected source that could change everything about their future.
While Reece and Emma recommit themselves to a love that binds them deeper by the day, they can’t ignore the forces that conspire to tear them apart—including the vulnerabilities of their hearts and minds. Can Reece and Emma move on with the strength they’ve gained from their new fusion, even as Reece is forced to don his battle leathers again—or will forces greater than any they’ve ever encountered threaten their most ultimate power: their love?

A price he paid from his soul. A love she must save with hers.
A rogue member of Team Bolt controlled by the Consortium has destroyed half the City of Angels. To save the metropolis he calls home, Reece Richards puts on the Bolt battle leathers once more and confronts the adversary he once called friend in a battle that tests much more than his superpowers—and exacts a price from his soul that might be unrecoverable.
When Reece returns home with his spirit drained, his soul exposed, and his powers out of control, Emma must see through the darkness to the man beneath the pain—and the love in which she still believes.
Desire guides Reece back to Emma, and their union helps him recharge the part of himself he thought died in the battle against evil. But what they share may not be powerful enough to stave off the clutches of the Consortium.
He may have won the battle, but the war for control over Reece takes a critical hit by a force determined to become a part of him forever.

A challenge. A choice. A risk. A price…
Though Reece Richards saved his city from complete destruction, Faline Garand hasn’t extracted her claws from his psyche. Faced with losing him to the Consortium forever, each member of Team Bolt—including Emma—must take drastic measures to save him.
Emmalina Crist can no longer stand by and watch as the forces of evil gain traction, threatening the life and sanity of the man she loves. Pushing past fear, she leads a secret mission to take the fight to Faline’s turf—but the risk leads to a price beyond her expectations…and consequences beyond her imagination.
Reece pays the ransom to save Emma with the only thing the Consortium really wants: him. But there’s no turning back for either of them now. Emma will become a woman forever transformed, risking even Reece’s love in order to save him from his own willing sacrifice. In the end, will he still choose their fated fusion, despite how everything—even she—has changed?

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