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Saved by His Submissive Launch Party Giveaway #2: Indigo Sin

Giveaway #2 is from Author Indigo Sin. She is here today talking about her new release WHAT THE BOSS WANTS. Hi everyone! I want to thank Angel for having me, and congratulations on your release!! I’m very new at all this, so I’ll tell you a little about myself!  I’m just your average, everyday girl who writes…

Saved by His Submissive Launch Party Giveaway #1

Today we are celebrating the release of the first book in a brand new series called The W.I.L.D. (Warriors Intense in Love & Domination) Boys of Special Forces Series*Pops a bottle of champagne, watches the cork go flying*Wooo-hoooooo! Well, hi everyone. Welcome, officially, to the LAUNCH PARTY for my new book: SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE.I'm going…

For Veterans Day: yes, even the Key Grip Matters!

Okay, show of hands. Who sits through the credits at movies? And no, you AREN’T allowed to count the Marvel super hero flicks where you know there’s a bonus scene at the end of the saga-length lists, either. (Or even an extra long, slow-motion, shampoo-commercial-worthy head flip from Chris Hemsworth, either...grrrrr....)I’ll be honest. I’m one…

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