Handcuffed by Her Hero Launch Party Giveaway #1 ~ Angel Payne

A huge, Zeke-sized welcome hug to everyone! THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy day to come by the party today to celebrate the “birth” of the newest book in the W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series: 
Z and Rayna decided to have a little naughty fun. They’re hosting the party at the Bastille, their “home away from home” for kinky fun. The dungeon is open and there’s a different kind of food in each themed play room…
In the harem room (famous in the book for being where Z showed off a few of his whip-throwing skills—and getting royally pissed off at Rayna!), you’ll find some great Mediterranean delights!
If you’re into barbecue (it IS summer), then the patio is open, as well. Just be careful of that couple under the canopy over there…I’m not sure they want to be bothered…*smmmiirrrkkk.*
In the main reception room, Max Brickham, Bastille’s owner, and his hostesses are serving up some great seafood specialties, since this IS Seattle. Shrimp cocktail or sushi, anyone?
If you’re headed to the bar, it’s in the after-scene mingling area, where you can sit on the exact same couch where Luna dares to banter Harry Potter trivia with Tait Bommer in the book.
There’s dancing and a gourmet salsa sampling bar in the dungeon’s darkest room, the Keep. Be sure to grab your light stick at the door!
So have fun, kids, and stick around for the fun we are DEFINITELY going to have around here. And…if you just want to curl up in a corner with a new copy of “Handcuffed By Her Hero,” I’m sure Zeke and Rayna won’t mind that at ALL…*grin.*  
Between a rock and a hard place.
To Sergeant Zeke Hayes, the expression has always been a non-factor. There's never been a situation he can't blast, punch, or smart-ass his way out of, which makes him the perfect fit for his Special Forces battalion--and a natural-born Dominant who's made a lot of submissives happy from Mt. Rainier to Vancouver.
That all changes when Rayna Chestain enters his world.
A rock.
From the moment Z snatches Rayna from the lair of a South Asian slave trafficker, his inner grizzly roars to life. This is a huge damn problem, because Z isn't wired to be a one-woman man. Growing up an orphan on the streets of Seattle has taught him that beyond a few hours in a dungeon, trust means disappointment and love leads to agony. But here he is, in the remote wilderness escape he'd promised not to share with anyone, harboring Rayna from a fiend who now wants his pound of revenge flesh from her.
A hard place.
Sheltering Rayna? Z's never done anything more right in his life. But wanting her? Dreaming of her beneath him, surrendering to his passion and domination? It's the most forbidden fruit he can crave...and the only thing he can't stop thinking about.
A new beginning?
This is a dead-end canyon that no rifle, bomb or sweet talk will let Zeke escape from. The only way out is to confront the reality of what Rayna has done to him...the mountain she's moved in his intractable heart.

Angel is giving away an ecopy of any of her books and a $20 Amazon gift card to one random commenter. Please comment below and fill out the rafflcopter to be entered. 

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49 Responses

  1. Love ya Angel!!! Almost done with Z & Rayna's book. <3 it!
    • THANK YOU, Shannon! I'm super glad you are enjoying the book!!
  2. Hooray and happy release day, Angel! Hope you have many sales!
    • NONA!!! OMG, so happy you could stop by! Thanks for coming around, GF!!!
  3. Happy release day, Angel dear!! I have been looking forward to this book since RomCon. <3
    • Awwww! Mistress...I am most pleased to satsify your...urge. *Giggle.* Love you, woman.
  4. This sounds really hot. Happy release day.<br />rmwyer at shaw dot ca
    • Thank you so much, Becki! Your support has meant the world!!
  5. Happy release day, Angel! Knock 'em dead!
  6. Happy release day Angel!! I cannot wait to read this book!! I know I'm going to LOVE it just as much as I LOVE your other books. Have a great day!!!<br /><br />Robin Womack
  7. Happy release day, Angel. What a fun party!
    • THANK YOU so much, Margie! I'm super glad you could stop by, babe.
  8. Happy Release Day Angel!!!! This one is on my TBR list and I can't wait to get to it. Think I will be bumping this one up. :)
  9. Happy release day!! Looking forward to diving in and devouring this story!
  10. Happy release day Angel! You're all going to love this book - I can't wait to see what comes out next (-:
    • I am nothing without amazing editors like you, babe! Thank you for ALL the help you gave. Just FYI you guys, I had a scene where Rayna was talking and I tagged her as Luna, instead. Without Meredith, that scene would have been TOAST. (And it was an important one.) Great editing changes the world, I swear.
  11. LM
    So excited for this book.. You're amazing Angel!
  12. I would to win a copy and try this new to me author!
  13. Angel, Thank You so very much for inviting me to the party! I've loved all your books but I do believe Zeke and Rayna are my new favorites. Keep them coming GF!
  14. Happy release day Angel. Sounds like another awesome book. Rock rock girly.
  15. Angel I have been reading Z and Raynas story it is awesome!
    • Ohhh, I am SO glad you like it, Carin. THANKS, babe!
  16. Zeke and Rayna sound like a strong couple. Good luck with your latest release. I'll have to check them out.
    • Thank you very, very much Jennifer. I hope you dig their story. It was a pleasure to be the one to tell their journey to love.
  17. Happy release day. Enjoy your books and these great parties!
    • Thank you so much, Ms. Gabrielle! So happy you could stop by!
  18. Happy release day!
  19. OMG I've been waiting for this book since the second I finished book 1!!!
    • I just love you, Texxie. Thanks hon--and I hope you love the book!
  20. Congrats on the release. I can't wait to read it !
  21. Hi Angel... picked up both books this morning and really looking forward to reading them. I love books that 'sizzle' *laughing*<br /><br />Have a great day!<br /><br />Gayle
  22. Angel! Thank you for giving us Zeke's story! I could not get enough of that man! MWAH! <3
  23. Thank you awesome
  24. Angel this was an AWESOME Party you and Leagh put on and I thank you for the chance to win some awesome gifts from AWESOME women LIKE YOU!!!! Can't wait to read this.....<3
  25. This is awesome, I can't wait to read this book!
  26. Awesome Giveaway Thanks
  27. The blurb is great I can't wait to read more.
  28. Adding this to my goodreads TBR right now!!
  29. Congratulations on your launch. You deserve all the success in the world!
  30. Looks really good, i just went and bought the first book, which i somehow never read when it came out. Must have been poor that week and then missed it. <br />Sounds like i will be back quick for the 2nd book. Thanks for the chance to win.
  31. Huge, enormous congrats on your launch, Angel! I have been waiting (no so) patiently for Zeke and I’m so happy he’s here! Just started reading last night and struggled to put it down!
  32. Congrats on the new release! It sounds great :)
  33. Happy Release day and I have to say I hope these books come out in print because I want to add them as Christmas presents for the readers I love in my life!

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