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Love Unbound
The ultimate Dom, Slade Jamison, never expected to cross paths with the most perfect submissive he has ever laid eyes on. 
Stripped of her self-worth, Tiyionna Barnes is just a shell of a woman after suffering at the hands of a cruel man claiming to be a Dominant. 
Convinced that they are two halves of a whole, Slade’s perseverance with his little sub never waivers, determined to set free the woman he knows she is. Will he succeed in releasing the binds that hold her; driving them to a sheer ecstasy or will Slade’s Brand of dominance ruin both their lives all over again?
Her feet seemed frozen in place. 
“Tiyionna. Turn around.” 
God, that voice went right through her. Slade had to know what his voice did to women, and he used it as a weapon. Damn him. It should have enraged her, but instead, it just made her bloodstream melt. Turning, keeping her eyes on the floor, she felt him approach to stand right in front of her. He took her arm in his right hand, pulling it up to look at the slight injury as she winced at the contact. 
“Fuck!” Slade cursed then gripped her hip with his left hand. Shock waves coursed through her from his touch. He turned, guiding her, keeping her with him, as they headed down the hall. 
“S-Sir? Where are you taking me?” 
He didn’t answer her, just growled low and kept walking. When they turned to the right before descending the stairs, she knew exactly where they were going. Why would he take her to his rooms? Tiyionna dug in her heels, coming to a stop.
“Aww, pet. You are in enough trouble. You don’t want to add to the punishment.” 
“What? Punishment for what? I didn’t do anything wrong.” 
While they stood side-by-side on the stairs, she looked over at him; sure he’d lost his mind. 
“Besides, you can’t punish me. I quit.” The quirk of his brow, the smirk he gave her before pushing her forward to continue down the stairs sent shivers down her spine. Shit. Her mouth just didn’t have a filter. 
Her heart rate picked up, started thundering in her chest when he pulled a thick key out of his pocket to unlock the door to his private dungeon. Slade ushered her inside then closed and locked the door behind him. 
“Strip and present yourself, Tiyionna.”
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