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The Arrangement
Maggie thought life as she knew it was over, until she met the dark and Challenging Master Joe. He alone was able to give her what she needed, and with a sure and steady hand the two came to the perfect arrangement for them both. But Joe had secrets of his own, a darkness that Maggie couldn’t break through. When something happens that throws them together, will she be able to tear down his barriers? Will he be able to make her understand who and what he is? 
“So instead of obeying your Master and trusting that he knew best, 
you openly defied me?” His decision made, he picked up the leather harness 
and a large, flesh-colored vibrator. He walked back over to her and attached 
the pleasure device to the harness. Joe pulled her lower body away from the 
cross and pushed the vibe deep into her cunt then snapped the harness to her. 
He walked back to the table and picked up the small remote control box. 
“Since you have blatantly defied me, pet, and put self-pleasure ahead of what 
I can give you, you may have as many orgasms as you want.” He leaned his 
elbow on the table, his long legs crossed at the ankles. His eyes scanned her 
body; so in tune with her, he could tell she was nervous, and that pleased him.Joe had a smirk on his face, the corner of the left side of his mouth turned upwards slightly. He was going to show his little pet why it was a bad idea to defy him.
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This book was such a labor of love for me, more so than any of my other stories. These two, Maggie and Master Joe, are perfect in their imperfections. They are real and human and each emotion from either of them is so true and heartfelt!
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