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Stone Cold 
(Book 2 of The Underdogs of the Arena Series)

Heated one night sessions between the sheets, the handsome yet arrogant Jared Stones spends his days training Ellen Banks. When a blast from the past appears, unannounced and more importantly uninvited, all hell breaks loose. 
Sister to the Alpha of her pack, Sloane Pierce is convinced by long time friend, Ellen that her presence is required. Every one of her primal instincts warns of that outcome, deadly at best. Unable to say no, she is dragged by a wild and forceful fate that has other ideas. Is destiny on their side or will history repeat itself like all the other times...
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People have asked me, namely my mother, why I write Paranormal Erotica. First, I'd like to say that there are too many voices battling for attention in my overactive mind to stick to just one genre. Concerning the Underdogs of the Arena Series, I had this idea of men and women fighting in a dark arena for buckets full of cash and away from suspecting, honorable citizens living their lives up above. Then it occured to me that I could enhance the fight scenes if the characters were capable of getting the daylights beat out of them and still keep throwing punches. Basically, in the Paranormal genre my imagination has the freedom to go to town with an idea...that in itself rocks! So, here I am having fun with Ellen (book 1 Bloodweight) who has a...well, let's called it a "colorful vocabulary" and impressive fangs fighting against Demon Barbie for the Championship Belt. Most importantly, she will not hesitate in kicking some warewolf tail if provoked. Here with Stones, Ellen's kickboxing coach, they have a little spat which, in this world, always ends with blood somewhere. So, if you like strong female characters who don't mind taking the front and center stage and Alpha male characters who must clamp their mouths shut to avoid the wrath of Ellen, then check out The Underdogs of the Arena Series.
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A free ebook copy of Stone Cold  and a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Comment below and fill out the rafflecopter to be entered.

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17 Responses

  1. I think this is another to add to my TBR.
  2. Michelle, you will NOT be sorry. Eva has a gripping, gritty style to her writing that I just love. Her voice is very unique. I love her!!
    • Have I told you lately how much you ROCK, Angel? <3
  3. Eva Lenoir is a Rock Star and I have read STONE COLD and it was amazing!!! <3
    • Awww man, now I want to learn how to play a guitar! Dang it, Shayna! Heehee, thanks darlin', I'm so glad you liked them!
  4. I haven't read anything by Eva so this would be AWESOME!!!! thank you for being a Great author!!!!
  5. awesome giveaway
  6. ya know my TBR list is getting long!LOL I am adding this series to it too.
  7. I love paranormal erotica and the idea of a MMA fighting plot sounds great!
  8. Great read. I love paranormal erotica!
  9. I would love to read this book.<br />
  10. Thank you ALL for commenting! For those who have read Bloodweight and Stone Cold I adore you and for those who would like to discover them... I'm virtually squeezing the life out of you with a grateful hug :)
  11. Sounds like an awesome book.
  12. I love paranormal and erotica so a combination of the two is something that I really enjoy. Must check out this series :)
  13. LM
    I just starting reading a few paranormals, so this sounds perfect!
  14. I can't wait to read this one!!!
  15. I must say, I'm like a giddy school girl reading these messages! Thank you and I hope you enjoy my stories!

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