HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE! Ready for more hot-hot-hot kisses?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and that you’re getting ready to welcome 2014 in a joyous way with loved ones. I must admit, I have a huge confession to make. I used to LOVE New Year’s Eve…got dressed up, went out with a bunch of friends and really painted the town a multitude of colors, LOL. That was all before I started doing nightclub disc jockey work. My first year working a New year’s Eve shift, one of the girls at the club barfed on my new boots. TRUE STORY. (Never got that stain out all the way, either…) The second year, my boss hit on me (and no, he was NOT cute–pregnant caterpillar mustache, anyone??). The third year, when I got food poisoning from the “breakfast” I ate after working, I knew that I’d be happiest watching OTHERS have the fun and festivities!

 Sharing my fun little stories has made me come up with kind of a fun idea! There are FOUR book excerpts below but as you know, I need FIVE answers from you in order to have you qualify for a prize drawing. So instead of the fifth excerpt “answer,” please share what your wackiest or most memorable New Year’s Eve celebration ever was. Ohhhhh, these should be so juicy and fun to share!

Thanks again for participating in the 2014 New Year’s Kiss Event! In case you missed the entry directions from this morning, here they are again…

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Good luck and enjoy those kisses! Excerpts are predominantly m/m and m/f with some ménage and transgender. We proudly swing all ways.


Kisses are hosted by Tara Lain, Angel Payne, and Kay Berrisford.   

EXCERPT ONE: Steal The Light – A Thieves Novel by Lexi Blake
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I tentatively let my tongue glide against the firmness of his mouth. Those lips were plump and I sucked the bottom one into my mouth, tasting him, feeling my power. The shudder that went through him satisfied me deeply. He let me have my way with him, allowing my tongue an easy entry. He tasted like mint, and I knew he had hoped this would happen. Knowing he’d thought about this, planned for it, made it easier for me. I pressed my body against his and felt how happy he was to be here with me. His cock was already hard and rubbed against my belly, promising all manner of comfort and pleasure.

“Zoey.” He groaned and pulled away slightly. “Sweetheart, you’re really short.”

I laughed. His neck was at an awkward angle due to our height differences. It must have been uncomfortable. “Sorry about that. I could stand on a chair.”

I tried to find a solution to our problem because stopping our impromptu make-out session wasn’t something I wanted to do. I felt alive around him. My worries melted away the minute he laid a hand on me. I wanted more of this feeling.

“I can handle it.” He lifted me with one arm, and I suddenly found myself sitting on the kitchen counter, my legs dangling. Dev shoved himself between my legs, and we were finally at the perfect height. He pulled me close, his hands on my ass, nestling himself between my legs.

His hand slid up, tracing along my back and upwards. Dev gently cupped my face and looked into my eyes. “I don’t want to push you.”

His voice had a slight desperation to it. Every woman, even one with very little experience, can translate that tone. It means please, please, please let me…

I smiled. “I think you can push me a little.”

And then I wasn’t thinking about demons or stolen money or lost loves. I was thinking about that long silent voice that was suddenly screaming at me to kiss and lick and let this man do whatever he wanted to with me. Dev let himself go now, and he was suddenly everywhere. His tongue seduced mine. His hands explored. His fingers ran up from my hips, skimming along my side until he found his way to my breasts. My nipples were hard points begging for his attention. I wanted his mouth on me, his hands roaming. The center of him pressed against me, seeking entry despite the barriers of our clothing. He was not a small man. His cock was large and blissfully erect. That glorious erection nudged insistently through the denim of my jeans. I let my legs wind around him and gave myself over to the moment.

“Please, Dev.” It had been so long. I hadn’t even touched myself. I’d been utterly alone.

He smiled, a slow curving of his lips. “You have no idea how much I want to please you. How much I can please you. I come from a long line of men whose goal in life is to please a woman. The right woman.”

He tweaked my nipples, his fingers pinching lightly. I squirmed, the feeling going straight to my pussy. His lips kept up a slow grind against mine as his fingers made their way down my torso. I held on, pulling him close. I felt connected in a way I hadn’t in forever. He delved under the waistband of my jeans. I sighed against his mouth as he found his way to my clit. With an expert touch, he started to rub.

“Hate to break up a tender moment.” A bitter voice shattered the intimacy.

I didn’t have to look out the window to know that night had fallen, and Daniel was here.
QUESTION ONE: Where does Dev lift Zoey to make up for their height difference?

EXCERPT TWO:  Hitting on the Hooker by Mina Carter

“Sweet thing, you can put a spell on me any time you want.” 

He moved closer, sliding his hand around her waist until he could feel the heat of her body beating against his through their clothes.  She didn’t argue, just watched him over the rim of her glass. Emboldened, he stroked his thumb against the curve there, a soft caress but one that signaled his interest.

She made a show of looking around at the rest of the bar. The fact that she had to rise on tip-toe to look over his shoulder fed his male ego. Not as tall as the rest of the squad, his lack of height didn’t bother him, but she was so tiny that he felt huge next to her. He’d have to be careful not to hurt her.

And just like that his mind headed for the gutter again, feeding him images of the two of them locked in passion, her slender figure spread out naked beneath him, over him, in front of him…

“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly cast a spell in here. Too many people.”

No fucking way. She did not just hand him an opportunity like that. Startled, he looked at her. Her chin was tilted up, set in a defiant line, and she watched him, an expectant look in her eyes.

Shit. She had. She knew exactly what she’d just said.

“Well. We could go somewhere more…” he lowered his voice and tugged on her waist until she was flush against him. Her lips parted in surprise as their hips met, his cock hard in the prison of his pants and more than ready for action. “Private. If you’d like.”

He waited, giving her the chance to back out. To step away, smile and make her excuses. He was no oil painting, and he knew it, but he had more than enough stamina to give her the best night of her life. Hell, with how horny he felt right now, the best week of her life, if he could persuade her to stay naked in his bed that long.

She swallowed, the confident mask slipping and granting him a glimpse of the woman beneath. A small tremor rolled through her body, and his heart softened. She was nervous. Why, looking the way she did, he had no clue, but she was.

Slow so as not to scare her off, he tucked a finger under her chin and lifted it. He bent his head, senses on alert for the first sign of tension in her body, and brushed his lips over hers. They were soft, sweet, and oh-so enticing.

Schooling the groan that wanted to break loose from his throat, he kissed her again. One kiss, two. Slow. Innocent. He kept things light, although all he wanted to do was crowd her back against the bar and kiss her to within an inch of her life. Lifting his head before the temptation grew too great, he looked down.

The dazed, sultry look on her face nearly did him in then and there. His cock jerked savagely, a wave of possessiveness washing over him so complete that he almost staggered under the force of it. He leaned down to whisper into her ear. “Say something now, or I’m going to take you home and screw you senseless.”

QUESTION TWO: What are his senses on alert for?   

EXCERPT THREE: Diesel by Piper Malone

The dimly lit hallway is illuminated by a single open door. From the hallway, I see her sitting on the bed, attempting fasten the ankle strap to her high heel. Her hair falls down over her face as she fumbles with the tiny buckle, fingers fighting with the thin piece of black leather.

“Need help?”

A gasp escapes from her lips as she is snapped from the focused work. I see the blush rush across her cheeks.

“I,” she tries to regain her composure as quickly as she’s lost it. “I love these shoes but they are a bitch to get on.”

“Here,” I walk into the room and kneel at her feet. “Let me help you.”

“Elliot, that’s really not necessary. I can get them.”

I ignore her. My hand on her body in any way is better than standing in the doorway. I’ve always loved heels on a woman, but these on Diesel are beyond anything I could have fantasized about. I pull her leg to rest on the side of mine, holding her ankle with one hand while fastening the leather strap with the other. I run my thumb over the delicate bone of her ankle before releasing her. Her breath is audible and hitches when I move to her other shoe. With both beautifully fastened, she stands and looks nervously around the room.

“Thanks. The bathroom is through there,” she waves absently toward an open door and she teeters on the heels ever so slightly as she walks toward the door. “I’ll be downstairs.”

“Don’t go.”

She stops and looks over her shoulder at me before turning to face me. Her obvious anxiety about this situation is at war with the sexual tension clinging to the air. Her breath causes her chest to heave as she bites her bottom lip and fumbles with her hair. The pink flush of her cheeks calls to me. I can’t wait anymore. This has gone on for too long. I take two strides toward her, leaving mere inches between us. She’s not retreated or offered any type of resistance. I wrap my arm around her waist, closing the gap between us and kiss her lightly, testing my theory. I pull back and she exhales, her lips parting. 

I need no other cue. I slant my mouth over hers, pushing all the pent-up emotion from the past several weeks and the stolen glances from today into her. She runs her hands up my arms before snaking them around my neck. With our bodies melded together, I roll my hips into her belly, pressing my desire upon her, and am rewarded with a low moan. The moment is a mess of roaming hands, frenetic kisses, and ragged breaths. It is blazingly clear that both of us are involved in this purging of restricted emotions.

The call of our names from downstairs breaks us from each other. Though our mouths are no longer touching, we still cling to each other. Our foreheads are pressed together as we attempt to collect our breath.

“We’ll be there in a minute,” Diesel forces out. I can hear the strain in her voice.

We look to each other, not knowing what to say. We release each other and move in opposite directions.

QUESTION THREE: What has Elliot always loved on a woman?   

EXCERPT FOUR: “Diamonds In The Rain,” from “A WILDer Wonderland – Sexy Stories Of The Season” by Angel Payne
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“I think I have the visual now. A midnight swim under the stars, a promise to show her the rest of your tattoo in the pool house…” 

“Back that cart up. What kind of a wild child do you think I was? My parents would’ve killed me if I had my toe tattooed, let alone my leg.” He slapped his right thigh. “The ink didn’t come until a year and a half ago, after I nearly lost this thing to a ground rocket attack.” 

She wound her fingers into his to silently thank him for the revelation about the tattoo. He’d never told her much about it beyond how the interlocking symbols were the Chinese word for gratitude. A bit more of him made sense to her now, making it somehow easier for her to conjure him as a gangly sixteen year-old, sweet-talking a girl beneath the summer stars.

But even though the image was endearing, it again underscored how different their backgrounds had been, especially after Mamáhad died. Ava chuckled because of it. “Changing hut, huh? Where I come from, the ‘changing hut’ was the back of Andrea Smith’s mom’s van, where we took turns holding the towels up for each other and hoped the boys didn’t come back early from surfing.” 

Ethan’s eyes lit up. “That sounds like a blast.” 

“It was cold and frantic and meant half the beach came home in my panties.” She finished with a grin. “But yeah, it was a blast.” Her stomach did a teenage-style flip in response to how his eyes intensified when she mentioned underwear. “Guess I should be glad our paths didn’t cross,” she murmured. “For you, I might’ve dropped the towel.” 

“And for you, I would’ve cut surfing short.” He tugged her chin up and concluded it with a kiss, which fast turned into a hot tangle of tongues. And then another. And another. Within minutes, he had her pinned to the wall as they necked like feverish kids who’d newly discovered the magic of French kissing. 

The rain came down harder on the little cottage’s roof, adding to the illusion that they were all alone, locked in a secret haven with nothing but time and passion to burn. Ethan moaned into her mouth while tucking a hand beneath her skirt and palming her ass. Ava answered his quest with a high mewl and a desperate grind, needing more of the bulge that now throbbed against her naked pussy. “Oh, Ethan,” she rasped, lost to the magic of his strength and the desires from every touch. “Ethan…Ethan…” 

“Yeah, baby.” His words were like steel shavings in her ear, demanding as the cock that pounded at the zipper fitted to her core. “I know. I know.”

QUESTION FOUR: What came home in Ava’s panties after days at the beach?

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