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Kisses are hosted by Tara Lain, Angel Payne, and Kay Berrisford

EXCERPT ONE: ‘Charmed by Prince Charming’ – in A Series of Ordinary Adventures by Stevie Carroll

Ash had suggested getting a car, and the three of them all going on trips together, at the beginning of the summer, before Twelfth Night, before Colin had backed off because he couldn’t handle his attraction to Ash. Then, Colin hadn’t thought that anyone could have enough love in them to want two people, to want both him and Jen. Now that everything seemed possible, the idea of getting a car seemed far more sensible, too.

Ash was waiting for a response and, unsure exactly what he wanted to say, Colin nodded his agreement as decisively as he could.

“That’s all right then.” Ash leaned forward, and pressed his lips to Colin’s.

Other than the absence of stubble, it was exactly like kissing a bloke. Exactly like kissing any other bloke. Ignoring the chill, Colin pulled his hands out of his pockets and slid one around the back of Ash’s neck. He rested his other hand on Ash’s hip, keeping him close.

“You like that?” Ash’s lips vibrated against Colin’s.

Colin nodded again, letting his lips explore Ash’s until an increased volume of murmurs from the burger van queue told him they’d been spotted.

“We should go.”

“You’re probably right.” Slipping his hand under Colin’s elbow, and ignoring the whistles and cat-calls from the queue, Ash turned and steered them both back towards the High Street.

QUESTION ONE: What tells Colin that he and Ash have been spotted kissing?

EXCERPT TWO: Prisoner of the Mountain Watch by Kay Berrisford

Ivenhal let the knife fall from his limp grasp, clattering to the stone floor. Then Jem leaned up and pressed that soft mouth to his. 
He parted his lips. Jem plunged inside, moving to cup his stubbled jaw. Carnal hunger rushed through him, and his cock jerked. Returning the kiss with a growing fervor, he balled his fists in Jem’s flowing hair and cherished the elf’s flavor, sweet as nectar and potent as the finest wines. It had been nearly a year since he’d coupled with another, and he’d never known any encounter like this. He’d skirmished in dark alleys, afforded pleasure from another man’s arse, mouth, or hand, attending only to bodily needs. There’d rarely been time to allow passion to build. 
Now he swirled about Jem’s tongue, delving to the elf’s depths, stoking a furnace of ardor that defied their strangeness to each other. The four days’ growth of hair on his chin must have chafed, but Jem wasn’t deterred. The elf straddled Ivenhal’s lap, gyrating to the rhythms of the kiss, then reached beneath Ivenhal’s tunic. He grasped Ivenhal’s cock. 
With a moan, Ivenhal broke the kiss and hugged the elf’s neck, resting his forehead against Jem’s brow. Panting hard, he let the elf gently pump him, the contact sublime.
QUESTION TWO: How long had it been since Ivenhal coupled with another?

EXCERPT THREE: “Chains Unbound” by Ava Snow   
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Aubrey’s head came up and his breath caught in his throat when Devlin walked in the room. His six foot, two-inch, two-hundred pound frame was encased in jeans that hugged his muscular legs to perfection and a black t-shirt that looked like it was made for him. When Aubrey’s eyes finally reached Dev’s, he groaned at the sight of those hazel grey’s and how they had gone dark. His body reacted instantly, his cock thickening and pressing against the zipper of his own jeans—and he wasn’t so happy about his overwhelmingly strong reaction. Before his attack, he’d fantasized about the man all the damn time. But after the attack, Aubrey had done nothing but flinch every time Devlin touched him. It wasn’t just Dev, he flinched when anyone tried to touch him.

“Going someplace?”

That silky baritone washed over Aubrey and he tried not to sigh. As he lifted his head, Bre took a deep breath, looked Devlin in the eye and said, “I’m going home. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me over the last few weeks but I need to get back to my life.” And stop depending on you; it’s starting to make me feel things I shouldn’t. “I’ll never be able to repay you for all you’ve done. Not even sure how I’d start.”

“Stop talking, Bre.” He sounded angry. “We’ve had this discussion before. Stop thanking me. You don’t have to. I don’t need it.”

Aubrey stilled when Devlin straightened and began to walk toward him. “What I need is to know that if you leave here you are going to take care of yourself. I won’t let you crawl into yourself even if you are in your own place.”

Devlin’s voice had gone deep. Tension ran through his big body and his eyes went darker. The Dom in him was at the forefront and Aubrey’s body and mind responded instantly to it. His head and eyes lowered, his cock grew harder and he had the urge to fall to his knees for this man. Instead, Bre raised his head, rose from the bed, and looked Devlin in eyes. “I’ll never be whole again if I keep depending on you and the others. It’s time I stood up and did for myself.”

Before Aubrey knew what was happening Devlin had a hand behind his head, gripping his neck before crushing their lips together in a hungry, demanding kiss. All of a sudden Aubrey remembered what it was like to submit to the man. Of their own accord, Bre’s hands found Dev’s waist and held on as the kiss seemed to last forever. Devlin nipped his bottom lip before releasing his head and stepping back.

“I won’t hold you here if you want to go but know I’ll still be watching over you.”

He sounded so serious, like he meant what he said, but Aubrey didn’t understand why Devlin would continue to watch over him. “Why? You don’t have to do that. You have a job to do, others to protect.  I’ll be just fine.”

“Yes. And I’ll make sure of that.”

The set of his face, the determination in his eyes did things to Aubrey that he wasn’t sure he was ready for. “Dev…”

“End of discussion, Bre. I won’t smother you but I will make sure you have what you need. And if you need mefor anything…” Aubrey felt Devlin’s hand under his chin lifting his head so they here eye to eye. “Anything, you call me. Let me hear the words, Bre.”

Aubrey didn’t know why he hesitated; he knew he would give into Devlin. He had become weak where the other man was concerned. Continuing to stare into those eyes he could get lost in, Aubrey finally gave him the words he wanted to hear. “Yes, Sir.”

Devlin nodded then turned to leave the room but Aubrey halted his steps. “But you have to let me do things on my own, Dev. I need that.” Bre put just as much conviction in his voice as Dev had put into his.

Aubrey held strong under the weight of Devlin’s gaze even though he wanted to lower his eyes, fall to his knees and submit. Finally, after what seemed like hours, even though it had only been seconds, Dev nodded again and left the room.

QUESTION THREE: Why does Devlin get angry with Aubrey?

EXCERPT FOUR: Spanking Bench Confessional One by Cleo Taurus
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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. No more Preacher? I lifted my head and let my gaze wander over his face. He smiled gently at me and stroked my cheek. “My Little Rose, I love you. I don’t need to be the club confessor anymore.” He kissed me then, and when he pulled back, I saw that dimple in his cheek. “I love you, and I know you love me. I want you to be my sub. Mine and mine alone.” He laid me back on his bed and opened the robe, his eyes traveling down the length of my body. “I love you, Little Rose, only you.” His lips met mine, and I felt his tongue invade my mouth. He lay down and pulled me over him,taking the pressure of the sheets off my sore back.
QUESTION FOUR: What’s the name of Rose’s Dom?    

EXCERPT FIVE: The Kinky Truth 3: Star of Wonder by Angel Payne 

“Wow. That one’s new. I have to admit, I’ve been prejudged as a lot of different things, but ‘cavalier cash-tosser?’ Hmm. That brings the game to a new low.” His mounting anger made his movements jerky as he yanked out his cell phone. “Sorry I’m still dirtying up your house here, Lieutenant. Just let me get Vincent on the line and I’ll be out of your hair. Yeah, I have a driver. Sorry, but sometimes they come in handy for us cash-tossers.”
Stop.” With reflexes that shocked him, she snatched the phone from his hand. “I’m going to add ‘shitty listeners’ to the list too. Did you hear me? I said I usually don’t have patience for—”
“For what? People like me? Or just guys like me? I’m wealthy, Celina. So what? I also have earlobes that are way too long, an unnatural obsession with Christmas, and I snore the roof off my bedroom.” He grabbed the phone back. “But I’ve also worked hard for my money, so if I want to toss it around a little, then that’s my fucking prerogative.”
Without taking his eyes off her, he punched in the speed dial for Vincent and the car. He remembered the moment, just hours ago, that he’d beheld her for the first time. He’d picked up on her discomfort. He’d pegged her as a certain kind of person, too. A person who would be willing to put away her initial impressions, and would get to know what he was really like, and perhaps even like the person he was. But her dig…he was right. It was low. And it hinted at a mental wall against his status that ran miles high around her mind.
Her little wince almost did make him stop. But he didn’t. Not even when she glared at him and demanded, “Hang it up.”
“V? Yo, man, you get Meredith squared away? Thanks. Listen, I’m in Arlington Heights. The address is—”
He thought he was ready for her little lightning moves now. But the woman had the phone out of his hand, into hers, and at her ear with a move that made even her first frog-tongue of a move seem slow. “He’s just kidding,” she told Vince. “Thanks for your time.”
In one move, she punched End Call and hurled the thing across the room, onto the couch.
Dante looked at her and, goddammit, actually fumed. “What the fu—”
“Are you going to listen to me now?” 
He snorted. “Why? What good will—”
For the second time tonight, he was cut off from speaking by a kiss. But unlike Meredith’s embrace at the party, this interruption brought a cavalcade of sensation with it. An avalanche of sensations, violent and wonderful, incongruent to the soft, sweet, seeking lips that had brought it all with them. Celina’s lips. A mouth, he now realized, he’d been fantasizing about all night. 
When her hand slipped up around his neck, he was officially buried by the slide. Suffocated. Cut off from the rest of reality. Lost.
As he pushed open her mouth with his, claiming her with every inch of his tongue and teeth, he prayed they didn’t find him for at least a week.

QUESTION FIVE: What’s the name of Dante’s private car driver?