#HotHeroes Countdown, Day 2!

We’re getting closer to release day for the ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS box set! Today, we’re featuring Master Brad Anderson, from Stud Poker by Red Phoenix!



It would be so easy to take her—to pull Shey down to the floor and tear her panties off so he could bury his c*** deep inside her, but he knew it would compromise this rare connection between them.

“As a gentleman, I am required to honor the parameters of our scene, no matter how much I wish to do otherwise.”

Shey groaned with unsated desire.

Her desperate cry almost broke his resolve. “Slave, I believe it’s time you felt the bite of my whip.”

The girl suddenly tensed, her burning desire instantly transforming into fearful excitement. “How do I do this? I mean…how…do you want me?”

Brad growled lustfully, “I want you to turn around. Lean against the frame of the door so your a** is displayed for whipping.”

She turned around and nervously felt for the frame with her fingers.

“Pull your thong down to your knees, girl.”

Shey made a charming sight as she wiggled the garment down, exposing a hint of her red p**** as she bent over to lean against the door frame. She arched her back, her long, wavy copper hair cascading down it as she gripped the cold metal with white knuckles.

“I could stare at you for hours…”

“Thank you, Master.”

“While I may take pleasure in looking at you, I enjoy the whip far too much to remain idle for long. Keep your legs together and lean further forward. I’m about to pinken that pretty a** of yours.”

She giggled nervously as she followed his instructions.

Brad unfurled the whip and snapped it, grinning when he saw her flinch. “Are you feeling brave, my young slave?”

She held her head up higher and said loudly, “I am, Master.”

“Courageous enough to take the bite of my whip?”

She hesitated for only a second before answering, “I believe so.”

He chuckled. “An honest answer. I appreciate that.”

Brad warmed up his arm and cracked the whip next to her ear, relishing when she cried out in surprise.

“Are you aware the room is completely soundproof? No one will hear you when you scream.” She shuddered where she stood. “Color, slave?”

“Still green, Master.”

“Remember to call out your safeword at any point. There’s no shame in honoring your limit.”

Shey nodded, but he could see she was shaking as she waited for the first stroke.

“You must relax, if you want to feel the brilliance of my instrument.” She stopped shaking for a moment, but her fear took over again, and she began shivering even more.

Brad approached her then, making low noises the way he used to when he calmed horses as a boy. Shey responded the same way a filly would, pausing and then turning slightly to his voice as her body began to visibly relax.

“There is no reason to fear my whip. Tonight I will simply teach you its unique character.”

She nodded, laughing at herself. “I trust you.”

“Good.” He pulled back her hair to expose her delicate ear and whispered, “It’s okay to fear. It is a natural response to something new and potentially harmful. The key is to transform your fear into expectation.”

“Yes…” she agreed, panting as he kissed her on the earlobe, before leaving a trail of light kisses down her neck.

“Remember my intent as you wait for the first stroke.”

“What is your intent, Master?” she asked nervously as he moved away.

“To please you, slave.”