More #HotHeroes love from ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS…

Featuring: Quinn MacKinnon, created by the incredible Jenna Jacob.


Quinn is featured in Jenna’s story: Sin City Submission. I have to tell you that I just LOVED this novella, which is a story taken from the world of Jenna’s magnificent Doms of Genesis books. You will LOVE IT.

“A Master pushes limits, princess. It’s his job. I’ve been neglecting my duty to you…to us. But I intend to make that up, starting here and now.”

“I am pleased with you, princess. You bring me much joy and happiness, and the power you give me…well, I couldn’t be a prouder Master.”

“This isn’t a test of your submission, my love. It’s simply an exploration of fantasies…yours and mine.”


ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS, the box set featuring Quinn’s story plus five more, is ONLY available for a limited time!