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It's finally that time of the year when we all think of pulling the covers off the patio furniture, firing up the grill, and enjoying some great time with family and friends. It's also the day of the year when we remember the bravery of those who have fought for our nation--and died for its freedoms.

skydiveTo the WILD Boys of Special Forces, this is especially important. As warriors waging some of the country's most dangerous and clandestine fights, they face dangers every day that they'll never be able to speak of beyond the confines of their missions. Their brotherhood is tight and unbreakable because of it--meaning that sometimes, they like to celebrate their unique survival in unique ways!

This Memorial Day, before they return home to the women for an afternoon of BBQ, pooltime fun, and perhaps a little (all right, let's face it-- A LOT) of naughty debauchery, they are celebrating their fallen comrades in one of their favorite ways possible: by flying 10,000 feet up then jumping back out! Time for a Memorial Day Skydiving Celebration with the WILD BOYS!!

The first divers up today are GARRETT HAWKINS and ZEKE HAYES, the best friend heroes of SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE and HANDCUFFED BY HER HERO. Garrett leaps from the deck with a good-ol'-boy holler, probably involving corn, as an ode to his Iowa farmer boy upbringing. Awww, those farmer guys and their nostalgia. Can't repeat Zeke's words here. As you know, he's very fond of anything involving choice pieces of vocabulary, usually involving one "special" F word.


Double up SBHSDouble up HBHH

Out the door next is ETHAN ARCHER from SURRENDERING TO HER SERGEANT, who approaches the task with the same serenity as his other tasks. Known as the group's quintessential "mental job" Dom, he's the one who's already calculated the jump from every mathematical and logistical angle possible. Naturally, he executes his moves with  the same precision as his model-perfect features.

double up STHS

Following Ethan are the duo of KELLAN RUSH and TAIT BOMMER, who share a plot--and a lot more--in WET FOR HER WARRIORS. Since Kell and Tait now live on the island of Kauai with their gorgeous subbie, Lani Kail, they're already used to spectacular vistas. And jumping out of planes is still part of their regular job title, being members of CENTCOMM's newest and most secret black ops entity, the Sharks. Whie jumping with buddies is a blast, both are counting the minutes until they can return to the girls--most especially, their girl.

double up WFHW

SHAY BOMMER, Tait's little brother, takes to the air next. Shay, hero of HOT FOR HIS HOSTAGE, isn't unfamiliar with dramatic mid-air happenings. Less than 24 hours after meeting the love of his life, Zoe Chestain, he ended up having to help a bunch of bad guys in hijaking the commercial airliner she was on. Now there's a story they'll be telling their kids for years!

double up HFHH

The last three WILD Boys to empty from the plane are DAN COLTON, REBEL STAFFORD, AND RHETT LANGE. They are the guys you'll really want to watch. They're liable to try something fancy for all of you, hoping you'll be impressed enough to get their stories. Dan's is called A WILDER KIND OF LOVE, and it'll be out on June 16. Rhett and Rebel are the two guys who get to share a sassy subbie (hint: it's someone you've already met in previous WILD Boys books!) in Book 8, SECRETS FROM HER SIRS.

Safe on the ground, the boys exchange high-fives and wonder where the beer's at. But before the brews, it's time to circle up, bow heads, and spend a long moment in reflection and rememberance of the men and women who have so bravely given their lives for America's freedoms and liberties.

Never forget.

Never forget.

Never forget.


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eBook_Going_Wild_SMALL**Gang, I'm giving away a free e-copy of GOING WILD, the box set of the first 3 WILD Boys books, along with a $10 Amazon or ARe gift certificate, to be randomly picked from all responders to this post. You get entered twice by going to my public ANGEL PAYNE READERS AND FANS PAGE on Facebook, and shouting out the freedom you are most grateful that our veterans have given their lives for.

REMEMBER to pre-order your copy of A WILDER KIND OF LOVE--coming on June 16th!

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14 Responses

  1. Lisa Wanzer
    I love this series and can't wait for A Wilder Kind of Love!
  2. Marcy Meyer
    Happy Memorial Day! Your Wild Boys sound great!
  3. I love how you put all this together. Happy Memorial Day Weekend :D
  4. Pam C. Lowery
    Grateful to our veterans because of their sacrifices, we are still a free nation. We can worship if we want to, we can go to what ever school we want to, just the word freedom. It is something special and something we don't need to loose.
  5. titania
    I am most thankful for the right to choose. I can say and do what I like (within reason or the law) without fear of retribution.
  6. flchen1
    Thanks for sharing about your fabulous stories, Angel, and very thankful to those who serve to keep us free to read, learn, love, live!
  7. Claire Bowman
    Love your WILD boys Angel. Happy Memorial Weekend! With the going down of the sun, we will remember them.
  8. Yummy!!! Way to make Memorial Day HOT!!
  9. jenifa
    The freedom to get up each morning and be who you are
  10. Heather Fellows
    Thanks for the chance I am new to you
  11. Michelle
    I'm thankful to my father and all the military men and women that have served and are currently serving in the US military. As an Air Force brat and a civilian employee for the Navy I get to say thank you to the service members everyday. I am thankful that we have the freedom to be what we want, do what we want (legally), and say what we want. We have more rights than an other nation and it wouldn't be possible without our service members past and present.
  12. EM Barton
    Angel, I always love your cover art. These kisses are hot! I think I'm most grateful for being able to think what I want, say what I want and read what I want with no governmental repercussions! Freedom of themind, freedom of expression are so very important to the individuality of the people who contribute to our world.
  13. EM Barton
    Already a Facebook fan for years, but did request to join your fan group ;)
  14. I am loving these men! Never forget, indeed. Happy Memorial Day!

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