The ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS Hot Heroes Countdown, Day One



It’s that time!

The ‪#‎HOTHEROES‬ countdown until ONE NIGHT IN VEGAS–our sexy group tribute to the destination city for this year’s RT Convention. This set of SIX BRAND-NEW STORIES releases 3/8/16.
The first hero up is Noah Lewis, from Mari Carr‘s “Winner Takes All”:

The way he used her name threw her off-guard. In her mind, she’d
always been someone else in her fantasy, someone adventurous, exotic, a hell of a lot more interesting than plain old Hollie Mills from Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
She jerked when she backed herself against one of the tall posts at the bottom of the bed. She started to twist toward the left, intent on running away, but Noah anticipated her move before she made it.

He gripped her arms with a strength that should have terrified her. Instead, her traitorous body reacted instantly. Her nipples budded, her panties went wet and a flash of pure electricity shot straight to her p****, leaving her breathless and on the verge of begging.
While Hollie struggled to regain control of her overwhelming need, Noah made short work of securing her hands behind her back, around the post of the bed. She tugged and expected the silk to give way, but Noah wasn’t playing around. Apparently he knew his stuff when it came to knots.
Without hesitance, his fingers worked free the buttons of her blouse until it hung open, revealing her simple white bra. She wished she’d realized her night was going to take such an amazing turn. She would have gone for Hootchie Mama over Catholic Schoolgirl. Her plain white panties were worse than the bra. They weren’t exactly granny style, but they were damn close.
Of course, given the way Noah studied her br***s, his gaze practically stroking her cleavage, it appeared he didn’t mind.
She bumped against the post roughly when his hands reached for the fastening of her skirt. For the past nine months, she had lived in a constant state of horniness, but now that she was here, the moment of truth at hand, everything was going too fast.

“Noah,” she gasped.
His hands left her skirt, his fingers tangling in her hair, tugging it with a force that had her scalp tingling and her eyes watering. It also had her so fucking turned on, she wasn’t completely sure she hadn’t just had a mini- orgasm.
“Master,” he said gruffly. “You will only call me Master.”

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