Saved by His Submissive Launch Party Giveaway #3: Alex Cook

Giveaway #3 today is from Author Alex Cook. He has just released book #2 in the Fifty Seven Shades of Shit series.

Thank you for having me at the launch of the amazingly talented, Angel Payne! I wish you good luck on your new release; I know you will wow the audience with your brilliance and true talent.  Thank you!

Convinced his wife, Kate, is cheating, George Bethers entrusts the ridiculous advice of his self-absorbed, non-best friend and idiotic neighbor, John, as they gear up to catch her in the act.
Completely unaware of his suspicions, Kate has worked hard at keeping a secret from her husband in a last bid attempt to obtain the BDSM sex life she desires after reading the delicious escapades of a very famous book character.
When a man loves a woman so much that he tries to be someone else, the dangerous obsession sends their sex life spiraling out of control when a series of disastrous outcomes can only lead to Dysfunctional Debauchery.

“Oh shit, it’s wet.”
“Leaky she-part, or did you piss yourself again?” I mocked, climbing through the window.
“I nearly fell down the crapper,” John’s strangled cry resonated inside the glitzy bathroom.
“Not this time, but an un-flushed lump of shit popped up to say hello,” John ranted, grabbing a towel from the rack after scrubbing his hands clean.
“Give me that,” I barked, dislodging my foot from the bowl.
“Flashy son of a bitch isn’t he,” John exclaimed staring at Rick’s glamorous, marble-laden bathroom.
“Money doesn’t mean jack. Kate and I maybe poor but we are semi-happy,” I insisted until a deep womanly groan silenced us both.
I moved to the sink, digging through the drawers. Hushing John, I flicked the vanity light off and gently opened the adjacent door. A muted glow bounced off of the walls, revealing the direction of their location. Sensual and erotic, their words floated down the hall.
“I’ve waited a long time for you to be mine in the way I want you.”
“Tell me, have you been very good today?”
“Mmmmmmmm mmmm.”
“I’m glad you’ve finally succumbed to your submissive nature…”—Submissive nature my ass, Kate was as docile as Mr. Hyde and what the fuck, why was she believing this bullshit?—“…I knew it was waiting to break free the moment we met. I want to feel you vibrate around me. I can’t wait to hear you scream my name when I grip those golden locks and hold you down and fuck you sooo hard and sooo deep…”

Clicking the door shut, the blind fury I’d since become best friends with was back and ready for a war. “Christian Gay is seducing my wife! Grab a weapon and let’s take him out,” I whispered harshly, scanning the bathroom.
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Previously a Pirate, Maggot Mortician, Parrot to the Pirate who took over my command and the defender of the universe, I have now turned my hand to writing. Predominately, I write Humor, as well as Paranormal Romance, Erotica and New Adult.

Contact Alex:

Alex is giving away an e-copy of Dysfunctional Debauchery to one random commenter. All you have to do is leave a meaningful comment and fill out the rafflecopter below. The contest is open until midnight on 3/3/13 and all winners will be chosen and contacted on 3/4/13. I hope you all enjoyed this stop in the Launch Party. Be sure to stop back at the top of the hour for another great author and giveaway.

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  1. OMG, I am Laughing so hard!How have I miss this series?!?now I can't wait to read this.LOL
    • Hey Kimberly! Thank you, I'm so glad it made you laugh!
  2. Just showing my support for Alex! LOVED this book, had me laughing out loud, much to my sleeping husband's dismay :D
    • Hey Indigo, thanks so much, I am such a huge fan of your work! So glad it made you laugh!
  3. That is so funny, i will def be reading these
    • Hi Kim thanks for leaving a comment! This is book two in the series, book one will be available in 2 days on Amazon. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!
  4. haha, his last sentence was just so amazing! LOL I can't wait to know how they are going to "take him out" :D
    • Hi Katha, I can reveal that John & George think they're both ninjas. :D Thanks for stopping by!
  5. This looks hysterical!
    • Let me know if you think it is, I love reader feedback! Thanks for stopping by to support Angel!
  6. I LOVE Alex's humor. This book is full of so much laugh-out-loud moments. I swear to flipping Buddha, they need to hire him as part of the SNL writing team. Couldn't you guys see Andy Samberg and Seth Meyer doing that scene??
    • You are too kind! I'm sure SNL will reject my accent haha! Congratulations on your release honey!!
  7. This excerpt sounds like the book will be a blast to read. I can't wait.<br /><br />rmwyer at shaw dot ca
    • Hi Becki thanks for stopping by, Angel is great isn't she! I hope you enjoy my little story too!
  8. LM
    Oh my-- how have I not read this yet!<br /><br />modularmates(at)comcast(dot)net
    • It was hiding! But we've both popped out to say hello! I hope you enjoy! :D
  9. OMG, I can't wait to read this. Too funny!!!
    • I'm so glad you found it funny, let mw know how you get on won't you! Lovely to meet you Shannon.
  10. I read this book on the train going home and I thought the police officer that was on there was going to call the people with the white coats on me for laughing so hard. Thanks for a great story Alex!
    • Were you arrested ????? :D So welcome, i'm so glad you laughed!
  11. I LOVE this series!!! Thank you sharing the AWESOME excerpt!! George and John are awesome!! For those that have not read it you have no idea what you are missing!!!
  12. Hello lovely Rana, thank you so much for your comments, I'm so glad it made you laugh for a short while!
  13. wow, the excerpt made me laugh, sounds like a great read.
    • Hi Kathleen, thank you for your comments! I hope you enjoy it!
  14. Lol! Love it Alex!
  15. Hi Shayna, thank you so much! :D Hope you enjoy darlin.
  16. What an interesting concept. I cannot wait to check this one out.

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