Teacher’s Pet Blog Hop

pet#3Happy Saturday, everyone! As you may or may not know yet, I belong to a wild, wicked, and very fun group of authors, who call ourselves the Nice Girls Writing Naughty. Sounds like fun, hmmmm?

“The Girls” are very excited to announce our monthly party for September…themed, appropriately, as the TEACHER’S PET PARTY. It’s being hosted by my fellow “Nice Girl” Dakota Trace, who’s put together an awesome idea featuring some of our favorite heroes at our own “Teacher’s Pet,” as well as some delicious tidbits of what they might have been like in school.

So what do you the reader get out of it?  Well, for one – a chance at a $50 gift certificate from Amazon.  Just check out the post HERE for all the juicy details.  And I promise it will be fun!


Wait; there’s MORE! Each author will be giving away a prize of their own (translation: if you go to all of our blogs on the tour plus the main link above for the grand prizes, that’s 16 chances to win something)…mine is going to be a free e-copy of BOTH “Secrets of Stone” books!

Just comment below with your name and an email addy that I can send your prize to if you win!

Now that the boring legal stuff is taken care of, com meet my pet…his name is Dan but today, we will be calling him KILLIAN STONE, the oh-so-sexy billionaire hero of my Secrets of Stone series with Victoria Blue!

KILLIAN was raised in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the Chicago area, always a dashing sight in his school uniform…or out of it. Not that there was much time for interest in girls…being raised to take over your father’s position as the CEO of one of the most thriving companies in the country has a tendency to suck up a lot of extracurricular hours. Nevertheless, he found time to squeeze in a little fun on the Trident Academy’s water polo team…giving him this amazing physique for all of us to enjoy!

A few FUN SCHOOL FACTS about Killian (or as he’s known to his friends: “Kil”)…in his own words…

  1.  In college my crush was…one of the campus librarians. She was a saucy redhead named Lillian, and she wore these killer stockings with the seams up the back. Holy crap, what I imagined doing with that woman between the stacks…
  2. Growing up I wanted to be…a super hero or a special ops soldier. Duh.
  3. On Friday nights you’d have found me…studying. I was a pretty focused guy.
  4. The craziest thing I did in high school was…skinny dip in the pool with my crush, a gorgeous redhead named Vera. Okay, yeah…you can say I have a thing for redheads…
  5. The hottest teacher at Trident Academy was Miss Shakespeare (yes, that was reallyher name), and she taught Latin. To this day, I still remember those boring Latin phrases sounding as good as phone sex, on the lips of that woman. Shockingly, she was nota redhead. Wait. Does strawberry blonde count?

**Remember to comment below for a chance to win yourself both books in the Secrets of Stone series: No Prince Charming and No More Masquerade!