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Alannah believes there’s nothing more magical than finding the other half of your soul, experiencing fiery passion, and knowing you’ve found happily-ever-after.
She loves going to work each day (in sweats and a T-shirt) and writing about hot heroes and feisty heroines who torment each other in the most delicious ways before finding their happy ending.
She lives in the coastal region of North Carolina with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend and biggest fan. They have two sons, a dog, two cats, and an outrageous number of ducks and geese that inhabit the pond on their farm.
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The world’s best-stocked toy drawer can only take a gal so far. Bored with her current assortment of vibrating, plastic pieces, building inspector Sam Wallace decides to add a new sex toy to her collection: Kevin Mazze. The sexy Italian is more than happy to help her live out her long-held sexual fantasies, and trusting him with her body is easy. Trusting him with her heart, however, is not… especially when he commits an unforgiveable sin.

Myrtle Beach developer Kevin Mazze is one of the good guys. He’s spent his life always doing the right things and making those around him happy. When he meets the woman of his dreams, at the worst possible time, he finds himself making bad choices in the name of good and crossing lines he never thought he would… while praying she never finds out.

Let’s get to know you a little better!!
–If you could visit any period in history, what time frame would it be and why? 
200 years in the future. With all of the advances that we’ve made in the past 100 years, I can’t imagine what life will be like in 200 years!
–Quick: five single, non-related words to describe the hero and heroine in your current WIP. (Make sure to tell us the characters’ names!)
Mathew and Muriel are the hero/heroine of my current wip.
Stubborn! (Mathew is the most stubborn individual I’ve ever worked with! 😀 )
Passionate – both
Loyal – both
Lawyer – Mathew
Massage Therapist – Muriel
–This is a Launch Party for my new book, “Trade Winds,” where I make NO secret about my love for waterfall sex. *Grin.* So spill: what’s your fantasy outdoor sex fantasy? Perhaps you’ve already written it? Which book was it in?
I wouldn’t do well with a waterfall… I don’t like water running down my face! LOL It sounds hot though and I can’t wait to read all about it. I love the beach and my characters often get naughty on deserted beaches. I’ve never really thought about my outdoor sex fantasy before, but now I’m wondering if there’s a reason I write that so often! 😉
–What are you looking forward to seeing or doing the most this summer? Any summer rituals or traditions you’d like to share?
I’m really excited about going to the RWA National Convention in Atlanta in July. I’ve always wanted to go, but never had a chance. There are so many author friends that I’ll get to meet for the first time. I can’t wait!
–Do you use music for inspiration? If so, what gets your motor running for what scenes?
All the time!! I don’t always mean to, but I often get ideas from songs. Sometimes, a song will give me the answer to a story question that I’ve been pondering, or it will give me an idea of which way to take the story. I’d say the majority of my ideas come from music in one way or another.
–Same question, only apply it to movie and TV stars. Who’s on the top of your hottie list right now?
I don’t get many ideas from TV or movies (that would feel like I’m cheating, I think. LOL), but I definitely have a favorite TV hottie. Alex O’migodLaughlin from Hawaii Five-0. I’ve been known to pause the DVR just to stare at him, and love how they usually manage to give us at least one scene where he’s not wearing a shirt.
–What’s your astrological sign, and do you think it fits you?
Virgo – I’m like the poster child for a Virgo!!
–When was the last time you cried, and why?
May 22nd when I received word that I’d hit the New York Times Bestseller list. It was 2 days after my son was involved in a serious accident, and I’d completely locked down on my emotions so I could be strong for him. When I received the text from Janelle Denison that our “Sinfully Sweet” box set hit #16 on the NYT list, the flood gates burst open and I had a hell of a time getting them shut again. It was a bittersweet moment.
And now for some true silliness:
–Pizza or burgers?   Pizza
–Pie or cake?  Pie
–Snickers or Milky Way – Neither… bleh! 😀
–Vickie’s Secret or Freddies of Hollywood? Hmmm… Vickie’s Secret
–The Rock or Vin Diesel – Oh wow, that’s a toughie. If I have to pick, I’ll go with Vin
–Tooth extraction or pap smear? Oh hell… neither… I’m running like crazy!
–Awesome foreplay or mushy post-coital cuddle? Both!
Anything else you want to share or pimp? And be sure to give us all your social media contacts, too!!
Congratulations on your new release, Angel!!! Thanks for allowing me to participate in the launch party!!!
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