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When you're looking for a great book to read, either online or at a bookstore, you take mere seconds to scan the cover and decide—Yes! or No. I have to admit, it's pretty obvious when there's a man's scantily clad chest on the front that it says—HOT ROMANCE! I want it. Well, I actually want...him.Who can resist a sexy, brawny man's chest? My fingers itch to reach out and run my hands over him.
One thing my book has in common with Angel's are the hot men on our covers. I love Angel's man (fanning myself!) and I want to jump in and have that hot guy sail away with me. Please!? I hope when you glimpse The Lady And The Lawman's cover, you'll want to put your hands up and surrender.
Desperate to escape a fiancé who plans to marry, then murder her for her wealth, Margaret Atwater runs West as a mail-order bride. Freedom seems to be within her grasp until her stage coach is robbed and the driver killed. Her life is spared, only to be taken and sold to a brothel. Now she's a high dollar ante for the brothel owner, and the only eyewitness to cold-blooded murder.
Colorado sheriff, Grant Masterson, is looking for a killer, not a woman. When a round of cards turns into a high-stakes game for the life and future of the lovely and innocent Miss Margaret Atwater, he must win. Grant isn't prepared for the danger and chaos that haunts his prize. Outlaws are trying to kill her.  The brothel owner wants her back. And a man from her past is willing to do anything to reclaim what he lost. Will bullets and brawn be enough to save her?

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Jennifer is offering an ebook of winners choice from her. All you have to do is comment below and fill out the rafflecopter to be entered! 

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20 Responses

  1. Nice blurb. I am am sold
  2. Hi Jennifer! Glad you stopped by... I have to say I have not read any of your books but after reading about The Lady and The Lawman, I am so adding you to my TBR list. Thanks for joining the party :)
  3. Wow New Authors in the line up for this Launch that I hadn't known I could Stalk(I mean Follow) Awesome going to check you out now Mrs. Jennifer Zane!!!!xoxo
  4. I admit that a nice looking cover goes a long way in catching my attention. :) <br />The book sounds really good too. I'm certainly curious how the story unravels.<br />Thanks you for the giveaway opportunity!<br /><br />Pam
  5. LM
    Hmmmm Arrest me now!!
  6. I admit I do look at the cover, but I also read the back and a few pages before I purchase.
  7. I love finding new authors to read and I just found a new one!! Yea!! I like a good cover guy!! Just sayin~~
  8. ahhhh I can tell after this tour I am going to be broke! :)
  9. Holy Shit!! that cover is HOT!!!!
  10. Awesome cover. I'll definitely read this.
  11. I love your cover. This book sounds hot!
  12. New author for me, this book looks amazing.
  13. I gotta have this book.
  14. Thanks everyone for participating and leaving comments. Thanks to Angel for hosting a great party! Jennifer Zane
  15. Super hot cover! I'm definitely adding The Lady and the Lawman to my TBR list! Thanks for coming to the party!
  16. Oh man Jennifer that is a HOT cover and I loved the excerpt!! Definitely checking you out! ;-)Thank you!!!
  17. I have to agree that a sexy guy on the cover will draw my attention every time :)
  18. A hot guy on the cover and a great ( and hot) excerpt, definitely will be reading this!
  19. This sounds like a great read. I will be sure to check this book out.
  20. I agree hot guy, hot title, catches the eye and makes for a book that comes home with me!!!

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