Are you ready for the Men of Honor Bound?

I can’t begin to express how thrilled I am that so many of my new readers will get to meet the Honor Bound men. Here are a few of the “pertinent facts” you all want to know before you dive into their world, full of suspenseful action, emotional twists, and unforgettable love…

Why military men?
To be honest, I asked myself the very same question! I had no idea I’d love writing these guys so much, until I role-played as one in an online writing development group! Having the chance to step inside the head of a Navy SEAL, and to experience firsthand how these brave men are constantly conflicted between what their heart wants and what their duty dictates, was intriguing–and exciting–to me. It was a completely new way of looking at the world–so I decided to take a swing at writing a book combining this new epiphany, along with presenting the dynamic of Dominance and submission in a new light, along with my love of pop culture and action/adventure stories. My first Honor Bound book, Saved, was born.

So…will guys like these?
As a matter of fact, a lot of guys do! The stories are told from the perspective of both the heroine and the hero, in alternating chapters, and the conflicts of what the guys face has generated some interest in the books from romantic-minded guys who also want a little “blowing shit up” along with the hotter love scenes.

How hot ARE those love scenes?
Pretty freakin’ hot! Though absolutely everything in every book follows the strict lifestyle rules of “Safe, Sane, and Consensual”, the consummation is hot, hard, passionate, and powerful. Proceed only if you like your love scenes on the naughty, kinky, and sexy-as-hell side.

These stories look familiar. Have I seen them somewhere before?
Some folks may remember the books from when they were published as independent titles, with longer book titles, as the WILD Boys of Special Forces. Angel is thrilled to report that the folks at Waterhouse Press loved the series concept and the storylines so much, they purchased the entire 10-book set—and have contracted for books 11 and 12, to be released in early 2019!

A dozen bullet points of fun (aka the “other important stuff you need to know” section):
–Release date for Books 1, 2, and 3 is on December 19, 2017—just in time for you to download and enjoy during the holiday break!

–All of the books are STAND-ALONE STORIES based in the same world, so don’t be afraid to read out of order!

–After books 1, 2, and 3 are released, the next 7 titles will come out through the balance of 2018. Books 11 and 12 will be released in early 2019 (no specific dates yet).

–No cliffhanger endings in any of the books. Each book features a different couple (or trio), with their own complete HEA.

–Get ready for lots of ACTION and ADVENTURE! Yes, there’s lot so hot military fun in these books, inspired by everything from 24 to Attack on Titan. Get into your camouflage and join the battles!

–All the books WILL be available in audio, as well.

–All the books WILL be available in paperback, too. (The “shiny” silver fronts will have debossed titling treatment, and will be able to be seen from space! SHINY!)

–Yes; Angel loves to play “dreamcasting” with each of the Boys, and invites you to come join that fun on her Payne Passion Facebook Page.

–Though the Boys are all on the same Special Forces team, they are “based” out of a real-life place, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in Tacoma, Washington.

–Not all the books are about just Army guys. Some hotter-than-hell CIA and FBI agents get in on the fun, too.

–Yes, the Honor Bound guys have a playlist, too. See it on Spotify.

–Yes! Reviews and feedback on all the books are SO appreciated! Every review you leave means the world to the author, so thanks for posting all of your thoughts on the books on Goodreads, Amazon, or any of your favorite virtual book love platforms!