Because you asked…

Lately, I’ve had some super interesting questions about many parts of Misadventures with a Super Hero. Thanks to everyone who’s written, wondering about some of this stuff! I’ll attempt to answer some of the more prominent ones here…

Q: Is the Hotel Brocade based on a real-life place?
A: The hotel I conceived for the book is based on a composite of hotels in which I’ve worked. Shockingly, though, I’ve never had the fun of working in an actual “downtown” location, so this was a fun way of fulfilling that!

Q: What does it mean when Neeta exclaims “Baap re” during her phone conversation with Emma, after Emma’s attack in the train station?
A: Neeta’s family hails from New Delhi. This expression is commonly used in that part of the world, and has likely been taught to her by her parents. It’s an expression of joy or wonder, and is the equivalent of something like “Thank God”.

Q: Why does Reece fight criminals in leather, instead of a traditional “super hero” outfit, or just his regular clothes?
Since Reece uses electrical pulses for a lot of his crime fighting moves, he needs a suit that’ll act as a grounding unit. The specially-made leather acts as that. besides, it looks bad-ass.

Q: Why did you call Reece “Bolt” instead of “THE Bolt”?
A: Because “THE Bolt” is copyright protected by another company.

Q: Why does Reece have two homes in LA?
A: The hotel is his public residence. Few know about his apartment in the Wilshire District.

Q: How did Angelique survive what happened at the El Cajon power plant?
A: That is a really great question, that I look forward to answering when the Bolt Saga is launched in June 2018!