The crazy-OMG-are-you-kidding-me book…

SIGH, the second story in the Suited For Sin series, is the one Angel Payne book that may truly have you scratching your head.

This is the story nobody expected as the follow-up for SING–and to be honest, I didn’t either–until I was about two-thirds finished with that book, and the story of Mark Moore and Rose Fabian just burst to life in my head. (I was probably in the shower, too. Stories hit me hardest in the shower.)

Seriously, my reaction was a lot like everyone else’s. “Mark Moore? As a freaking romance hero? But he’s such a douche canoe!” Mark, as many of you know, is the father of Dasha Moore, the anxiety-ridden heroine of SING. During that book, she and her dad have become estranged, and most of the mess is his fault.

Well, I’m a huge believer in second chances–and in the belief that a lot of crappy behaviors can usually be traced to a person’s pain. It occurred to me that for a man to be behaving the way Mark had, that pain had to have been significant. My mind–and my heart–went on an excavation mission, to learn more about this man…and what might have to happen to give him a truly happy-ever-after of his own.

The nucleus idea for SIGH was born.

I truly hope that you enjoy how Mark finds his happiness again–by becoming the lover and Dominant to a feisty spitfire named Rose Fabian–all set against the incredibly romantic backdrop of the Bahamas Islands. It’s our winter dip into tropical island goodness–so let’s indulge in the sexy fun together!!

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