A damned dream...

He watches her every night, rehearsing alone in his theater, her beauty aglow in the gaslights. With every hour that passes, Marcus Stafford is more entranced with the passionate Gabriela Rozina...but it's a dangerous obsession. She can never know who--or what--he is, and why he can never step nearer than the shadows.

But her heartbreak is his undoing. Sorrow is a currency he's traded in for two hundred years.

Gabriela is moved by the stranger with the silver eyes who emerges from the darkness yet brings her world to brilliant light. Soon, she desires something more from Marcus than his mentoring with her acting. She begs for his touch, his body, and his heart--but more than anything, to share his dark secret by giving him her blood.

As the night draws near of Gabriela's most vital performance ever, she's in danger of never making it to the stage--unless Marcus grants her ultimate wish and shares his life forces with her. But in the doing, he risks everything...including both their souls.

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