A WILDer Kind Of Love

eBOOKWilder_Kind_Love_XLThe WILD Boys are back! USA Today Bestseller Angel Payne continues the hotter-than-hot series with this sensual, emotional novella featuring CIA special agent Daniel Colton.

A scarred hero…
Dan Colton was once the CIA’s golden boy, a get-things-done cowboy who believed forgiveness was better to ask for than permission. But performing the devil’s work was always easy with his angel’s face, a damn good asset to have whether he was charming agency superiors…or training submissives in his darkest dungeon role plays.

Until his face was taken away.

An act of ultimate bravery spit Colton back out as a bitter, half-burned shell of the person he used to be, unsure of how to relate to the world without his physical calling card. His only condolence is dreaming of revenge on the bastard responsible for the fire that disfigured him, but when even that plan backfires, he is a beast without any prey–tormented by a beauty he cannot touch.

A willing submissive…
Tess Lesange, known around the CIA’s Vegas office as “The Laser”, has only one Achilles heel–in the form of the brooding agent who once wouldn’t give her the time of day. Since Dan Colton’s accident, they’ve become friends, even trusting each other with some of their kinkier secrets. What are friends for, right?


A dangerous masquerade…
Now Dan has become Tess’s greatest joy, toughest torment, and most sinful desire. Thoughts of surrendering to his passionate brand of domination consume her more and more…but it’s clear Dan thinks of her as nothing more than the brainy analyst in the next office over.

Seeking to assuage her need for the submissive dream, Tess takes matters into her own hands and journeys in disguise to one of the desert’s most elicit kink clubs. When the Dominant she meets there is also beneath a mask, his voice so alluring and familiar, she wonders if karma has conspired to fulfill one of her deepest fantasies…and what price she’ll have to pay for it come true. Is she willing to sacrifice everything she’s built in a friendship with Dan, for one night in his dungeon?

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