Hot new DOM for us all to swoon over? YES, PLEASE!

JENNA JACOB is back with a BRAND-NEW BOOK that’s going to curl your toe hairs!

Master of My Mind
Doms of Genesis #3

After the shocking death of my Master left me stunned, the revenge his ex-wife and daughter sought was almost as devastating. Seeking refuge at Club Genesis, my one safe haven, I returned to heal and get back on my own two feet.

But I soon learned that fate had other plans for Leagh Bennett.

Tony Delvaggio, the panty-melting sadist and resident shrink of Genesis, took me under his wing. Both frightened by his intensity and secretly thrilled by his unwavering attention, I tried to hide my past and barricade my soul from him. But Tony coaxed my thoughts with his deep voice and seduced my body with his rough hands. Before long, he pried open my heart as well. But when it became clear that someone meant to kill me, I came to a terrifying conclusion: I would have to put my complete trust and submission in the Master of my mind or die…

Jenna made a fast stop in during her blog tour for the book, to talk to me about her journey to becoming the bone-melting author that she is today. (Can you tell I am SO fangirling over this woman??)

Why did you start writing, Jenna? What enticed you to begin?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was thirteen years old, but life happened instead. A couple of kid, sa couple of marriages, a couple more kids and time just slipped away… but the desire never faded. New York Times Bestselling Author Shayla Black was the one who enticed me to begin on this wonderful journey. I love her dearly and wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for her.

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Ready to Dive in on MASTER OF MY MIND? I guarantee you are going to LOVE this book! And keep reading for news on Jenna’s amazing giveaway baskets, too.

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