Pocket Bolts

Now is your chance to have your own little Reece and Emma! Print these images and cut them out!

Did someone say PAYNE PASSION swag?

So happy to say that finally, FINALLY we have launched the Angel Payne Red Bubble Page, for those of you needing some epic swag at reasonable prices. We definitely plan on having more designs soon, too! If you have an idea for a design or an expression you’d like to see on tees, hoodies, mugs, cups, pillows, etc., then join us for Angel’s Facebook LIVE tonight on the Payne Passion Page (it happens at 8 [Read More]

A little stop by the Christian Grey Fan Page…

I had the awesome opportunity to stop by with the gals at the Christian Grey Fan Page recently, to talk a bit about what’s coming up next for the Honor Bound men, and give a little sneak-peek at what’s in store for you all in Honor Bound 8: MASTERED! Come and see right here: http://bit.ly/2IwG2Iz

Are you ready for the Men of Honor Bound?

I can’t begin to express how thrilled I am that so many of my new readers will get to meet the Honor Bound men. Here are a few of the “pertinent facts” you all want to know before you dive into their world, full of suspenseful action, emotional twists, and unforgettable love…

Why military men? To be honest, I asked myself the very same question! I had no idea I’d love writing these guys so [Read More]

Because you asked…

Lately, I’ve had some super interesting questions about many parts of Misadventures with a Super Hero. Thanks to everyone who’s written, wondering about some of this stuff! I’ll attempt to answer some of the more prominent ones here…

Q: Is the Hotel Brocade based on a real-life place? A: The hotel I conceived for the book is based on a composite of hotels in which I’ve worked. Shockingly, though, I’ve never had the fun of [Read More]

It’s the #SummerofCimarron…and the heat sizzles on…

The 4th book of the Cimarron series, INTO HIS SIN, will be here at the end of the year, with pre-order links going live in September. To celebrate, the first 3 parts of the Cimarron series are available to readers in new and exciting ways. 

The Cimarrons are the dark, enigmatic ruling family of Arcadia: a Mediterranean island beneath a self-imposed isolation from the rest of the [Read More]

Twists. Turns. Gasps. Screams. There must be a new Secrets of Stone book….

Victoria Blue and I are so happy that you’ll all be reading brand-new material in the Secrets of Stone series, coming on June 6th! (Though if you’re extremely psyched to get your hands on the new stuff, check out the EARLY READ you can get NOW at the Totally Bound Publishing website.)

The story [Read More]

We’re all ready…

Can’t begin to describe how amazing the release week has been for the final WILD Boys of Special Forces series: READY FOR HIS RULE. I’m floored, honored, humbled, and thrilled about the incredible feedback on the book!

John Franzen’s story was literally four years in the making. Of course, I had no idea that would be the [Read More]

The crazy-OMG-are-you-kidding-me book…

SIGH, the second story in the Suited For Sin series, is the one Angel Payne book that may truly have you scratching your head.

This is the story nobody expected as the follow-up for SING–and to be honest, I didn’t either–until I was about two-thirds finished with that book, and the story of Mark Moore and Rose Fabian just burst to life in my head. (I [Read More]

Ready to SING?

I’m thrilled to unveil Book 1 in the SUITED FOR SIN series: SING!

She gave the world her songs.

She gave them her surrender.

This story was informed by my own years in the music industry, working alongside some pop music greats like Natalie Cole and Anita Baker in the recording studio, then interning for an alt-rock radio station on the side! You can say I definitely [Read More]