Short, Sweet and Oh-So Delicious: How Do They Do it?

They’re like a nibble of Italian chocolate. A sip of really good cognac. Or better yet, that peek you get of Channing Tatum’s backside in the first ten minutes of “Magic Mike.” Sometimes, the best things in life are enjoyed in a moment of guilt-free pleasure that you allow yourself, meaning that the full essence of the experience is yours to savor and remember.

This is exactly what I’ve discovered about some exciting new writers in the world of erotic romance. Don’t get me wrong–I devour the epic-length novels as readily as I write them–but sometimes, you want that sweet, succulent little read while you’re getting the nails done, you know? (Of course, it helps if your mani-pedi girl knows you’re into this stuff. I finally had to ‘fess up when I was reading Isabella LaPearl’s “ConneXions,” and groaned so many times that my girl thought she was buffing my feet too hard!

So, I have to be honest. I got curious. I can’t even write a MEMO for my real-life job without making it a novel (I’m serious; my boss ordered me the other day, “Do NOT make this a novel!”), and so I extended an open invitation to my short-work writer friends to share with us what drew them to the world of writing short works instead of novels, why they enjoy doing it and maybe a little of HOW they do it, too. Join me in welcoming some dear friends–who are also remarkable, incredibly talented writers.


I was drawn to short erotica by my love for reading and a foray into role play. I saw these wonderful stories being written out on line, and my first thought was, “WOW!!” I got lost in the stories. The writers just drew me in and never let me go. I saw an advertisement for an open role; thought why the hell not. I asked about the role, was given a chance to write and I haven’t looked back since.  
I met some wonderful people who gave me loads of encouragement to write a short story. I wasn’t sure I could write a full length novel. The one thing I kept hearing was, “You can write a short story, you write that in one role play story line. What could it hurt?” So I said what the hell, sat down and wrote the story that was running through my head and my heart. I found that I enjoyed putting to paper the voices I heard in my head, and giving them a life of their own. They made me smile, cry, laugh. Now I find that I love writing the shorter stories. When my son sees me at the computer lately he says, “Are you writing another story?” I just smile, nod and continue with the new passion I have found.


I think that role playing helped make me want to write shorter stories. That’s basically what one does when posting “on demand” either with or without a partner. It could also be that I have some sort of undiagnosed ADD and just like to wrap things up quickly. 

As an author, I have to choose my words wisely and pick the most descriptive ones. I have to set the scene, convey the emotion and keep going. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I am able to grab the reader’s attention, tell my story and put a bow on it in 9-15,000 words. Conversely, it can sometimes be frustrating to limit to that word count because the characters have a lot they want to say. 


You ask what drew me to shorts?  Quite simply a chance meeting.  Sometimes you meet one person who leads you to another and then your life is changed completely.  So, in some aspects writing shorts was very simply written in the cards, I suppose.  I’ve been working on a novel for a while and to be honest, the satisfaction of actually finishing a piece of work filled me with pride.  

The downside to writing shorts is that sometimes your characters want more, need more and give you so much material to work with that it’s truly painful to have to cut their time short.  That’s probably the biggest difficulty.  For example, I’ve just submitted book 2 of the Underdogs of the Arena Series “Stone Cold”, and I’m pretty sure I could go on for an entire novel with Stones and Sloane.  But then through this story a new shifter has come to town which will allow me to focus a little bit on him, too.  I’m also working on a stand-alone bringing head-to-head an eco-activist with a corporate lawyer.  I can already hear them going at each other…fun times!


It started at age 13 when I first discovered my passion for writing. I was a freshman in high school (oh, has it been that long!) and I had a creative writing project due. I totally immersed myself in the assignment and when my teacher handed it back to me, she told me it was the best paper she had ever read from someone my age. The characters, the set-up, the descriptions she loved it and I remember loving writing it just as much…so it began!

I LOVE writing short fiction versus long fiction for a few reasons. One, I have SO many ideas in my head and writing short novels lets me get them out faster. Two, I’m one of those writers who loves to condense a plot, characters and the story in the shortest way as possible. Just that’s the way that I write and it’s effective for me!

I find the challenges are also a part of the benefits too. Writing short fiction still allows you the creativity that you want, but, you have to shorten it all into less than 15000 words in some cases, which can be done.  But it must be done carefully and so that the story is real and that others relate and feel what you are putting to paper.

I hope enjoy reading my works and be on the lookout for more!
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I’m so thrilled to be here today. The one thing I like about being a writer is the support and help authors give to one another. I’ve never met such a group of people who want you to be successful as much as they want it for themselves. 

My name is Tory Richards and I’m a grandma who reads and writes smut. That’s my bio in a nutshell. I started out writing full length mainstream romance, graduated to full length erotic romance, and now prefer to write quickies. Short erotic romances that give a quick, but satisfying fix. Anywhere between ten and twenty thousand words, and a little quiet time, I can write a short romance in one week. However, living with my daughter and her family of little ones, finding quiet time is a little difficult.

I like writing shorter romances. I have several Quickies with Ellora’s Cave, Talk Dirty to Me, Breathless Surrender and Her Hands-On Man. Hot Spot can be found at Liquid Silver Books. And in March my first interracial romance, Instant Attraction will be out at Total-E-Bound. They might be short but they still have plots and background information that flow through the story-line and connects the hero and heroine. Usually, but not always, my characters have some kind of history together. In the fast paced world we live in, a shorter story feeds the needs of readers who are on the move. 

My first release for the New Year is A Perfect Fit. It’s the short story between a plus-sized model and an ex-Texas Ranger. It actually came out on the 5th on Amazon Kindle. Below are a brief blurb and the link to my Amazon author page. I hope you’ll check it out.

A Perfect Fit

Marissa Lambert is furious with her agent for hiring a security agency to protect her. The last thing she needs is some Texas cowboy following her around, and telling her what to do. Just because two plus-sized models have turned up dead in a month doesn’t mean she’s at risk. And besides, she can take care of herself.

Beau Evans owns and operates Evans Security, and he’s the unlucky one who gets to babysit the beautiful Marissa. The moment he watches her strut her stuff down the runway, in a revealing corset that hugs her generous assets, he gets an itch that doesn’t go away. Their first encounter ends with an angry exchange and a battle of strong wills, but once they succumb to the lust in their blood there’s no turning back.  
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