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Kisses are hosted by Tara Lain, Angel Payne, and Kay Berrisford

EXCERPT ONE: Tornado Allie by Shelly Bell
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“TELL ME MORE about your naughty list, Allie.” Who would’ve thought sweet little Allie had such a sexy, dirty mind?

As of this afternoon, three hurdles had stood between them.

He’d jumped the first one an hour ago when he, Jack, and Cole had voted unanimously to reverse their “no fraternizing with the guests” policy right after Drake had given Jack permission to pursue Taryn on the condition Drake would kick his ass if he broke her heart.

Then Allie had tossed the second hurdle out of their way without even knowing it even existed, innocently mentioning she worked at a news station in Chicago. Based on her description, she worked for the same news station he’d signed a contract with last week, accepting the job as their new meteorologist.

He had a feeling one night with her would never be enough, and thanks to this amazing turn of events, they’d have the opportunity for more.

Beginning tonight.

She swallowed hard, gazing at his chest in rapt fascination. “I already told you about my bucket list. This one’s like that. Only…for sex,” she whispered, a faint blush crawling up her neck.

“You have anyone in mind?” Gently tipping up her chin.

Glazed eyes. Dark dilated pupils. Flushed face.

Hell yeah. She wanted him.

He held his breath as he waited for her response, his gut tightening at the thought of some other guy making all her sexual fantasies a reality.


He’d planned to slowly ease her into a sexual relationship with him. Make certain he didn’t take anything from her she didn’t want to give.

Her naughty list was his kind of kink. No pain. No humiliation. Only white-hot pleasure.

Three hurdles removed. Nothing stood in his way.

He palmed the back of her neck and dipped his head to finally take a taste of her sweetness, only to have her hand cover his mouth and stop him.

“Wait, I wasn’t done speaking,” she said. “I’ve wanted you all week, but if you hadn’t found that list, I don’t think I would’ve ever asked you for it. Now that it’s the last night and we’re not going to see each other again, I feel like I can try the items. Only you have to promise me if we ever run into each other in the future, we’ll pretend it never happened.”

Just like that she’d replaced a hurdle with a solid brick roadblock.

“Are you saying if we lived in the same city, you wouldn’t have sex with me?”

“I guess.” She shrugged. “It would make me…uncomfortable. As long as it’s one night only, I’m in.” Throwing her arms around his neck, she moved in for the kill, rubbing the stiff tips of her breasts on his chest, her firm thighs bumping his legs.

Maybe it made him an asshole, but he no longer had the willpower to walk away. “You got yourself a deal.” He crushed his mouth over hers. The tastes of rum, lime, and mint, exploded on his tongue.

One night. Not enough but he’d take it for now.

Then he’d use everything in his arsenal to prove to her how good it could be between them and convince her to give them a chance at forever.

QUESTION ONE: What was his kind of kink?
EXCERPT TWO:  A Single Knight by Lexxie Couper

“Did I also mention—” her British knight grinned down at her, tracing his thumbs in soft circles on her biceps, “—that I’m an incredible hunter?”

Casey gaped up at him. Long enough for him to release one of her arms and close her mouth with a gentle tap under her chin.

He chuckled. “Finally.”

“Finally what?” she asked, forcing herself to recover. She hadn’t forgotten how delicious he was this close. That would be impossible. What she had forgotten was how quickly her body told her to throw herself against his body and do wicked things to him. Things like unbutton his shirt and explore his chest with her lips and tongue. Things like slide her hands down his torso until they dipped below the waistband of his jeans so she could feel how tight and toned his arse was. Things like—

“Finally, I get to do this again,” he murmured, a second before he lowered his head and kissed her. His lips brushed hers, a hesitant caress of skin on skin, before he buried one hand in the hair at her nape and delved his tongue into her mouth.

Casey shivered. Her belly knotted. Her pussy contracted. Holy moley, this guy could kiss. Her knees trembled and, before she could stop herself, she smoothed her palms up his chest and clung to his shoulders.

Lancaster growled into her mouth and rolled his hips. The long steel ridge of his arousal pressed to Casey’s belly, making it knot tighter. Making her pussy squeeze again.

She moaned, digging her nails into his shoulders. God, she could come right there and then, the kiss was that hot. He plundered her mouth, nibbled on her lips, sucked the bottom one and then explored her mouth with his tongue again. His hand at her nape directed her head, positioning her exactly where he wanted her to be. She didn’t fight. Why would she? This was the most intense, incredible kiss of her life.

With a whimper, she surrendered completely to the rapture of his lips on hers. She pressed her hips forward, seeking more of his erection’s hardness through their layers of clothing. He raked his other hand down her back, grabbed her arse and kneaded her right cheek for a heartbeat before yanking her closer still to his groin.

Fresh need blossomed inside her. She moaned, grinding the curve of her belly to his rigid length. She should stop what was happening. They were in public. People were everywhere. And Lancaster was famous, not just for his knighthood, but for his Academy awards and BAFTAS and…and…oh God, was he sliding his hand down to her boob? Was he sliding his hand… Yes, he was. He was. Oh God, he was cupping her boob. Cupping and kneading it. Worshipping it with his hand and fingers.

Liquid pleasure flowed through Casey, pooling in the junction of her thighs. A shudder followed, making her nipples pinch tighter.

Lancaster growled his approval, scrapping his thumb over the puckered tip as he did so. His lips feasted on hers, growing hungrier with each nip and swipe of his tongue.

She met his ferocity. Fucked if she was going to deny herself this one moment.

With a low groan, she raked her nails up into his hair, caught his tongue with her lips and sucked.

QUESTION TWO: What was Lancaster famous for?  

EXCERPT THREE:  His Kind of Woman by Nona Raines

He took the shot and frowned at the pins left standing. Crap. A washout. His concentration was off.

When he glanced at Venetia, she was smiling at him, her eyes soft and glowing. “What?” he asked. “It’s funny I muffed the shot?”

“No. What you said to your friend. Did you mean it?”

“What?” He felt a little panicky. What had he said?

She stood and strolled over to him. “You know.” Pressing close to his side, she slipped her hand into his back pocket. “About me being your girl. Am I?”

His head whirled as her floral scent filled his nostrils, but his cock felt no confusion. It definitely rose to the occasion. He shifted, cleared his throat, and held his bowling ball to hide his hard-on as best he could. “What do you think?” he growled.

Her soft breast pressed into his biceps as she leaned in and sweetly kissed his cheek. He had an irrational impulse to sink his mouth to her neck, lick her, bite her. Instead he swept his free arm up her back to hold her close, save this moment in time. He pulled her tight against him and lowered his mouth to hers.

Their first kiss. It should have been on her doorstep or some romantic place, not in some dingy little bowling alley. But now that he’d tasted her, he wanted more. He possessed her mouth, opened and explored it. He slid his hand down to her ass, then slipped two fingers into her back pocket. When he let her go, she gripped his shoulders as though she feared falling without his support.

Or maybe she was holding him up. He couldn’t tell.

QUESTION THREE: What does he hold to hide his hard-on?  

EXCERPT FOUR: Surrendering To Her Sergeant by Angel Payne

Hello, everyone! Angel Payne here! My excerpt features the dark, hard, and commanding Ethan Archer, hero from “Surrendering To Her Sergeant,” Book 3 in the W.I.L.D. Boys od Special Forces series. The book is now available…and if you enjoy Ethan and Ava’s story, make sure to catch a fun continuation of it in my December release, “A Wonderland—Sexy Stories Of The Season.”

As Chaz launched into the advantages of foam microphone covers, reveling in the attention he got from a bunch of hunks who also relied on high-performance equipment to accomplish their jobs, Ava recognized her chance to slip away. You’ve had your peek. And your stare. Now back off from the window, Chestain, before—

“Hey, Ava! Do me a favor and move that tree about a foot to your right, would ya? The light’s hitting it wrong.”

Before someone like Blake, the set decorating lead, called to her just like that.


She spat it as she tugged the prop over, not pausing to acknowledge Blake’s thanks. Or maybe she did. It was very possible, since every muscle in her body turned to ice as soon as she watched Ethan’s head whip around at the mention of her name. Time didn’t help matters, congealing to sludge that dragged every step she attempted—and made it possible for his gaze to stab into hers before she launched into motion.

Keep moving. Keep moving. Don’t look back. Keep moving.

The order vibrated through every shaky gasp she made while whirling and hurrying through the maze of flats, cords, ladders, wires, tool boxes and chairs. So many chairs. Damn it; nobody ever sat around here; why did they need so many chairs? And why had she worn three-inch boots today? And why did everyonepick this exact second to tromp in her way?


His call severed the air, shattering the ice beneath her skin into freezing shards through her bloodstream. She didn’t alter her pace. She couldn’t. The door was just a few feet away. Past it was a restricted access zone. His visitor’s pass would get him stopped faster than a gate crasher at the Oscars. She’d be safe again.


She fought the pull of his voice. Resisted the urgent command of it, the fierce need. No, damn it. She was weaving meanings that weren’t there. All they’d shared, all those months ago, was a kiss. After that, she’d all but told him to shove off. If anything, he was here to ask her for a reimbursement check for the birthday flowers that had filled her living room in February.

Keep moving. Almost there.


Long fingers, steel and flesh certainly fused together, twisted around her elbow. Inside a second, they hauled her into the props and greenery prep room. Inside another whoosh, she was pinned against the wall while the door was booted shut.

And then her world became only him.

Ethan, burying a hand in her hair. Ethan, sealing his lips over hers. Ethan, tangling his tongue against hers as his body, so hard and big, fitted perfectly against the apex of hers. Consuming her senses with his leathery, dark pepper scent. Filling each heartbeat with his passion. Like the mist in which he’d first done this to her, blocking everything but his force, his strength, his desire.

So much for breathing.

As soon as he released her, she struggled to do so, anyway. Once his stare impaled her, that cobalt intensity piercing straight to her center, she flew a white flag on the effort. A million words blasted through her head. Not a single one found its way to her mouth. Her lungs and her heart crashed against each other as he slid a rough thumb over the stinging pads of her lips.

“Hello, sunshine.”

His murmur slunk through her body like smoke, the tendrils turning the ice into simmered drops. They pooled into the layers of her sex, soaking her panties, finally making her throat work again. A high-pitched gasp spilled from her, humiliating and liberating at once. Crap, crap, crap.

QUESTION FOUR: What does Ethan fill each heartbeat with?  

EXCERPT FIVE: The Other C-Word by MK Schiller

“You’re not the boss of me!” As soon as I’d said it, I realised how dumb it was, since he technically was the boss of me. He smiled coyly too, but his eyes were blazing and the twitch in his hands only became stronger.

His look was too intense for this to just be petty jealousy. It looked like raw lust and something else…control maybe? They weren’t traits I found endearing, but in this moment, they completely consumed me with desire. It was complicated. Oh my God, all three words Rick used when he described what our relationship would be like.

“Marley, please don’t make this anymore difficult for me. Give me the card.”

“You said you don’t care what I do outside this office, remember?”

He laughed cynically. “Isn’t it obvious that’s not true? I wish I didn’t care. I don’t want to care, but I do. Right now, I’m struggling between wanting to kiss you and kicking that asshole in the head. I promise though, if you give me the card, I’ll walk away from you like I always do. Like you want me to.”

His admission made my knees go weak. The thing was, I didn’t want him to walk away. Not again…not this time. I took the card out of my pocket and held it up to him. Just as he drew closer, I put it inside my bra. He stopped in his tracks, staring at my breasts with hooded eyes. “Is that an invitation?”


“I’ll ask you once more. Give. Me. That. Card.”

“If you want it…come and get it.”

He walked with urgency, not stopping this time. His crushed his lips onto mine with furious passion. I felt a flood of sudden heat in my whole body. His lips were softer than I’d imagined, despite the fact that he was pressing them forcefully against mine. He kept them there, not moving as if the moment might disappear if he shifted. I didn’t move either because I was afraid of the same thing. He put a hand on each side of my face, rubbing his thumb gently across each of my cheeks.

He finally began moving his lips in slow, pressing, circles. He outlined my lips until I parted them then pushed his tongue into my mouth. He tangled his fingers in my hair before gliding his hands slowly down my body. I felt a shiver as they went over my breasts. He moved them down to my stomach then under my T-shirt. His hands were large and powerful, but soft and coaxing too, gently massaging as they explored my body. I moaned into his mouth, pulling his head closer to mine. Everything was a hundred times better than in my fantasies.  

QUESTION FIVE: Where does she put the card after she’s taken it out of her pocket?