Trade Winds Launch Party ~ Giveaway #1 ~ Angel Payne


I’m not sure I’ve ever been MORE ready to crack a bottle of bubbly and say WELCOME to another wild, wicked, sexy and saucy Angel Payne Launch Party!

Okay, so…you’re going to notice that there’s something a little different about this book. *Lowers voice to a whisper.* It’s…errrmmm…set in the 18th century. YES! That’s RIGHT! I said the 18th century!

You see, before I wrote books about hot present-day alpha men, I had a real thing for hot historical alpha men. *points at the “keeper” book shelf.” I THOROUGHLY BLAME JUDE DEVERAUX! Yes, I admit it loud and proud: I was a romance reader who cut my teeth on Jude and her finest contemporaries from the early 90’s…Julie Garwood, Katherine Sutcliffe, Bertrice Small…come on everyone, join in and add to the list!

The thing is, I’m a simpering sucker for a hunk in a dashing tricorn and a pair of well-fitting breeches. Add that to the fact that I’m a So-Cal gal who grew up riding the Pirates of the Caribbean at least 3 times in every Disneyland visit, and you had the recipe for quite a wild pirate romp.

Most of you know that I’m pretty much an all-or-nothing sort of gal…so get set for a voyage that’s chock-full of all your swashbuckling favorites. (Yes…there’s a ship-to-ship battle with cutlasses and cannons! Yes…there’s a bride auction! Yes…there’s a swaggering hero who gets to bellow “Trim the Sails”!) If you guessed that I had the best damn time creating this plot, then you’re really right. It was a blast to do all this research and to learn one pretty amazing thing: pirates really were the lot of dangerous, crazy mo-fo’s that everyone thinks they were! As a matter of fact, I’m bummed that I just couldn’t finagle a scene with Blackbeard really setting fire to the ends of his beard. The timing for this plot didn’t work with it…boo! But I’m excited that you will see Roche Braziliano, who was one of the founding members of the Brethren of the Coast, and was one lethal Latin lothario in his own right.

All in all, the story is definitely a little different than what you’ve seen from me so far–but if you’re looking for a wild, fun summer read and are missing your Jack Sparrow fix, then Mast and Golden and their cast of Caribbean friends are going to be right up your naughty alley. Grab your mai tai and your sunscreen and be prepared to get swept away to the islands where the trade winds with some sexy adventure!

Mast Stafford….mmmmm

Golden Gaverly…Mast’s saucy hellion!

The Moonstormer!
No two words can fill Golden Gaverly’s heart with more hatred—or terror. But none of the island legends of her youth have prepared her for this kind of a monster, who gives her chills of a much different kind with his powerful body, commanding presence, and heated touch. Suddenly, she’s aboard the man’s ship, with her life indebted to him. No matter how she resists, her senses and her soul are helpless to resist his pull—and the catastrophe that bedding him will surely bring.
Sea superstition or not, Mast Stafford is going to complete this voyage if it kills him. The fortune of a lifetime awaits him at journey’s end, meaning he can finally consummate his life’s dream. But this wild-eyed hellion, riding her way into his life with the dolphins on the waves, is no ordinary piece of cargo…and the fire she stirs in his blood is no ordinary blaze. Maybe she is a ruthless sea siren, but dying by her hand suddenly seems a small price to pay for burying his body inside hers.
Through lands where voodoo legends clash with European power plays, where trust is earned with a pistol barrel and honor is a dagger in the back, Mast and Golden must learn to believe in a forgotten something called magic…trust in a forgotten power called love…listen to a forgotten whisper called the trade wind.
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