We’re all ready…

Can’t begin to describe how amazing the release week has been for the final WILD Boys of Special Forces series: READY FOR HIS RULE. I’m floored, honored, humbled, and thrilled about the incredible feedback on the book!

John Franzen’s story was literally four years in the making. Of course, I had no idea that would be the case in the beginning–Book 1, SAVED BY HIS SUBMISSIVE, was supposed to be just the beginning of a 3-book series and that would be that–but these Special Operations men took on more life as I went, and by the time I decided to do Book 4, WET FOR HER WARRIORS, I’d decided John would play a bigger role in the series as a whole, culminating with his own larger-than-life adventure at the end.

“Larger than life” was certainly a good way to phrase it. In READY FOR HIS RULE, John doesn’t just fall in love with any woman. Tracy Rhodes is the vice president of the country–who’s just learned that she may very well be the president-elect now, too. The choices John takes to ensure Tracy’s safety, along with the challenges Tracy must go through as well, formed the heart-wrenching conflict of the biggest WILD Boys book I’ve ever written.

I hope you all enjoy the book as much as I loved creating it! Please be sure to write and let me know your thoughts. It’s such a joy to hear from readers.

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